Jimi Shawl

JimiShawl-10-2015 (10)

I am home from Virginia and the sun finally showed it’s face yesterday. I hadn’t seen the sun in at least 10 days and it was good to see it after all the gray days and rain. I actually came home early, on Thursday, when I should have just arrived today. It was a great disappointment to everyone that the Fall Fiber Festival had to be cancelled due to the rain prior to the hurricane and then with the additional rain fall predicted for the weekend. It was undoubtedly the right call as the show is in a field in tents, but it was a bummer none the less.


That is a picture taken by the vendor coordinator for the festival on the Friday we were supposed to set up or maybe it was Saturday morning, but anyway it clearly would have been impossible for the show to go on under those conditions. Hopefully next year will be perfect!

JimiShawl-10-2015 (3)

So anyway as you can see, I finished the Jimi Shawl. I bound it off last night and took a shot of it right off the needles, unblocked. In that state it measured 40” across the top and about 18 1/2” down the center.

JimiShawl-10-2015 (4)

After a soak in the sink in some cool water and shampoo followed by a cold rinse and spin in the washing machine, I blocked it with wires on my bed. After removing the blocking wires I measured it again in a relaxed state and it is 52” across the top and about 25” down the center. So, it blocked out more than I expected and it is really a nice size to wear as a scarf.

JimiShawl-10-2015 (11)

I can see wearing in over the shoulders too with a shawl pin. Sorry this one is a little dark but the light was starting to go when I remembered to take one with a shawl pin.


It was a very fun project to make and so easy and quick. If you want to make your own just follow the link to my project page or direct from here to buy the pattern. I will eventually have the pattern available on my website where you can also find the  Classic Merino Superwash DK yarn. You just need two skeins. I added three extra stripes of each color but that is the only modification other than using size 7 and 8 needles. The 8 is just for the bind off so I used a DPN. Let me know if you make one. I would love to see yours too! Smile

Filling the Days

JimiShawl (1)

Well I think I have discovered just why Jimi is so popular with the knitters in Dee’s Ravelry group. It is wicked fast to knit. I am only 10 rows away from completion and that’s after adding six stripes to that section to make it a bit bigger since my yarn is lighter than the original yarn used. It is great movie knitting too for obvious reasons. To be fair I have had more knitting time the last two days than I normally do because of my layover between festivals in Virginia but still it is a fast and satisfying project.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (4)

I did a tiny bit of sightseeing here in Winchester yesterday. I visited the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and spent a couple hours wandering about. It was all self guided which I much prefer. I have more pictures than these but I didn’t want to overload the post so here are a few highlights.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (2)

This miniature and the one made from a stump above were exquisitely hand made from wood. This castle is assembled from little “bricks” made from mahogany and cherry.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (6)

I just had to show you the spinning wheel. There were some needle work pieces but the pictures weren’t as good.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (9)

They have a neat collection of miniatures but despite the fancier houses I was drawn to this one. I suppose it is more the kind of place I probably would have lived in if I had lived a couple hundred years ago.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (14)

The gardens were very nice to stroll through. I put on my headphones and listened to the Brandenburg Concertos and some Mozart.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (15)

I was particularly drawn to the Water Garden area.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (16)

This little sitting area would make lovely reading spot, wouldn’t it?

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (17)

Here’s the view from inside where you can see the pond.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (18)

There are some pretty big fish in it.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (19)

Cool little walk through in the stone wall that enters into the Oriental Garden.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (20)

I loved this little bridge and what is at the bottom of it…

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (21)

It reminds me of Frodo’s door. Okay, I know it’s fancier but it’s the round part that was so cool to me.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (22)

It has been raining a lot here and I am concerned about this coming weekend. The Fall Fiber Festival is all in tents and all the vendor and customer parking is on the field. It is really nasty when wet. It is not raining today at least so I am going out to do a little grocery shopping. Hoping the hurricane in the Atlantic veers out to sea and some drying out can happen before Friday.

From Virginia


Well here I am once again in the lovely and historic Shenandoah Valley. The SVFF is such a fabulous festival; just the right size IMO, without the stress and bustle of some other festivals and full of fabulous knitters. Smile

Knitters love to show off their creations and many of my customers bring in things they have made with my yarn. Rarely do I think to take pictures of them, except for yesterday. I present you with Sarah Paukstis’s (pinkbunny on Ravelry) Tempest Cardigan in my Classic Merino Superwash Sock Yarn in Azure and Green Apple. I just adore those buttons too and before you ask, she said she found them at Joann’s. That is where I get mine too. Amazingly I can usually find the perfect buttons there.

SVFF-2015 (4)

So anyway, here’s your obligatory booth shot from Friday. I finished setting up by about 2:00 pm and headed over to the Apple Blossom Mall to hang out and look for some cd’s and dvd’s.  I wanted to get the new Chris Cornell solo project  Higher Truth and I found that at F.Y.E.It is very good if you like vocals and acoustic music. He could be singing the phonebook and it would sound heavenly.

The internet at the hotel is horrid. I have been using my AT&T bandwidth from my phone for surfing but video streaming eats up too much of it. I am at the last episode in season 6 of the X-Files. I may buy 7 on dvd if the internet doesn’t improve on Monday. I have a feeling it’s so slow because the hotel is full but most will probably clear out today and it may speed up. In the mean time I did buy Les Miserables (2012) because I finished the book on the drive down and want to re-watch it. I also picked up The Imitation Game which I watched last night. It was interesting and I love anything with Benedict Cumberpatch. Smile


Before I sign off, here’s my new glasses. I like them and was so happy they came in Wednesday morning so that I could pick them up before I left in the afternoon. I took this with my new laptop webcam. Not too shabby. Winking smile

A Brief Interlude


It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and it’s not slowing down for a couple more. I have gotten some progress made on Jimi, this is the sum total of my knitting though. I have 14 rows of each color now and the pattern calls for 22. I don’t think it will be big enough at that point though. I am loving these two colors together. I need to knit faster because I want to get to the lace part. :-)


There was a great turnout as usual at A Wool Gathering this past weekend. The weather was less than great on Saturday with rain and windy conditions for the first half of the day but the sun came out for the second half and then Sunday was really nice, cool and sunny.


I got home yesterday afternoon and I am back out tomorrow on the way to north west Virginia. My plan is to break it up into a partial day and a full day of driving. I usually drive the whole 615 miles in one day but I anticipate the possibility of heavy traffic and slowdowns due to construction along my route and I lose an hour due to the time zone.  So I am going to do 150 miles tomorrow afternoon and the rest on Thursday. I should be in Winchester by supper time on Thursday, earlier if I don’t hit much traffic after all.


See you in a few days from Virginia!

Chance of Showers

chance-of-showers-9-16-2015 (1)

It has been a busy week getting caught up on housework and recordkeeping for the business. I also had to reload some stuff in the trailer for the show in Yellow Springs, OH this coming weekend. I leave on Friday and set up on the same day.

chance-of-showers-9-16-2015 (5)

So anyway I just got the new sweater washed and blocked yesterday. I think I will be wearing this a lot this fall. It’s comfortable and easy to wear.

chance-of-showers-9-16-2015 (6)

I cast on for a new project and have a second planned which I may cast on soon or may wait until I finish the first. We’ll see. They are both Dee O’Keefe’s designs and are destined to be booth samples made from my newer base, the Classic Merino DK. Both require two skeins.


The stripey one I cast on last night is the Jimi Shawlette which Dee says was very popular in her Ravelry group so I hope it will be a big hit in the booth. I am using a slightly thinner yarn than the worsted she used so I went down to a size 7US needle and I may modify the size by adding more stripes if it looks small when I complete the 44 stripes, assuming I have plenty of yarn at that point, which I probably will.

That purple skein sitting next to it is going to be a Lilyanna Shawl in Dusk.


I went for an eye exam yesterday because it has been a couple years and I felt like my lens’ may need updated, which they did. Here were the final two that I was debating. The left pair are blue and the right pair are red, and surprisingly I settled on the red ones. Red is rarely my color of choice but I was trying to branch out from my default green and purple. The shape is a little different that what I usually have had also. I was going for a larger lens to get more reading and computer zone real estate since they are progressive lens.

Okay, that’s all for today. I will see you from Yellow Springs, OH soon!

Wrapping up Wisconsin Sheep & Wool

It has been a busy weekend here in Wisconsin. Today is more quiet in the market so I thought I would give you all a quick update.

First of all, I did finish the sweater on Friday night. I took a somewhat crappy picture in the hotel room this morning after giving it a brief steaming with the hotel iron, so it has not had a proper blocking but looks better than it did before that treatment. I haven’t gotten around to weaving in the ends. I will do that after a proper wet block at home. I will also try to get a decent modeled picture at that time.


I thought about starting a new project, but since I didn’t anticipate finishing this while I was here I didn’t bring another project to start. Don’t worry, I am coping with extra reading time, which is always good. And it’s not like I am not surrounding by tons (literally) of yarn and needles, but I just couldn’t decide what to start.

I won’t bore you with bunches of booth pictures from the show, since if you have been with me for awhile, you have seen plenty of them, but I thought you might like to see the new Sorrel 2.0 in action, so here she is:

WSWF_2015 (6)

WSWF_2015 (5)

Here’s a shot with the new Sock Keepers too. Winking smile

WSWF_2015 (4)

See you later this week from Nashville to let you know what I cast on the needles.

From the Road


This was my last pit stop at the Wisconsin Welcome Center this afternoon.


The driving was pretty smooth going today. It rained on me earlier coming through southern Illinois but the sun came out as I got farther north and you can see what a beautiful blue sky came out later.


Here’s my rig parked next to the big boys for scale. Smile


I will be setting up the booth at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in the morning and getting everything nice for the fiber people coming out to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool this weekend.


Tonight, however, I will only be chilling and knitting on my Chance of Showers cardigan. I am in the home stretch now. I finished the bottom edging and have 2 of the 5 repeats on the neck edge done. Woohoo!