Two Things..

Thing number one is that I have published Sorrel 2.0 and it is on my website and available on Ravelry for those who prefer to keep all their patterns in one easy spot.

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (9)

Thing number two is that we FINALLY have some new Sock Keepers made and they are also on the website. What is a Sock Keeper you may ask (if you are a new knitter or maybe not one at all) ? It is nifty tool to keep your work in progress (WIP) safely on the needles when you are not working on it, i.e. in your project bag. It works like this:

Sock-Keepers 08-28-15_0001

We previously made these by laminating thin strips of wood together like this:


We recently decided to change that to make them out of solid pieces of wood. From time to time we will different offerings dependent on what wood we have on hand, but at the moment we have five varieties available.

Sock-Keepers 08-28-15_0008

From top to bottom: Mahogany, Poplar, Cherry, Oak and Walnut. Nothing else has changed from the way we always have made them. They are the same dimensions and they are still only $20 each. They would make great gifts for the sock knitter on your Christmas list. Winking smile

Last update for today is that I have begun the lace edge on the bottom of the Chance of Showers. I didn’t take a new picture yet, but I will on my next post when I have a bit more done.

Wednesday’s Work


The weather has been great here for the last several days. Sunny and low humidity with highs only in the low eighties so yesterday was perfect weather for getting the custom dye job done.


These two colors are a bit off in this picture, unfortunately. The blue one is more turquoise and looks much more saturated.


These are the two colors that I adjusted a bit from the sample colors and I am quite happy with how they came out. I am delivering the fiber this afternoon.


I have gotten past the short row sections on the body now on the Chance of Showers cardigan, so it is easier to see the shaping now. The back is longer than the front because of the short rows. I have a set of plain stockinette rows to work and then I think is the edging. Maybe I will have it done before I leave for Wisconsin on the September 9th. Smile

It’s here!


My new computer arrived yesterday and it is sure taking awhile to get settled in. All my data ported over from my cloud drives and I am almost done installing my programs and getting everything how I want it.

I love it! I haven’t had time to try out the Bluray player yet but everything else is working great. I am really liking Windows 10 too. I did opt out of lots of snoopy MS settings and I disabled Cortana. I don’t use OK Google on my Android devices either. It kind of creeps me out to talk to my electronics. Oddly I have no problem whatsoever with holding conversations with myself, but that is where it ends. Open-mouthed smile


Before the computer arrived I managed to get out in the studio and get the color mixes worked out for the custom dye work I need to get done this week. I had to tweak two of them and now I just have to get off this computer and mix the dyes. I will probably get the fiber done by Saturday if not before.

Hard at Work

I did get busy on writing up the ladies Sorrel pattern yesterday and it is basically done. It took a lot of my attention for most of those day which involved way more math than you want to know or hear about. :-)


I had to estimate the yardage requirements for the other sizes since I don’t want to hold up the publishing while I have all the sizes test knit. I know that the 42” that I knit took almost exactly 2 1/2 skeins and I went from that as a basis along with Ann Budd’s Handy Yardage Estimator as a guide for the rest. Her estimate for a vest of the size and gauge I made were pretty close to what I used so I am reasonably confident in my recommendations.

I desperately need to clean the house so I will probably publish the pattern next week sometime. I want to go over it again and check my figures first and won’t have time to do that today. I am also still not sure on the name. I also picked up about 15 pounds of Suri Alpaca to dye and need to get to work on that this afternoon if I can.

workshop-08-22-15 (7)

In other news, the wood shop has been in full swing in the last couple of weeks. Jerry and Ian have been hard at work finishing a batch of oak yarn swifts. Those are now in my work shop area with the finish drying while awaiting final packaging.

workshop-08-22-15 (1)

I am also excited to announce that we will finally have lots of new Sock Keepers back in stock very soon. Here is the proof!


This is my adorable husband sanding the ends of each and every Sock Keeper.


Here is my middle son, Ian, sanding the slots where the double point needles sit in the Keeper.


There will be a slight change to how we make these from here on out. We are no longer laminating them from thin strips of wood. We are now making them from solid wood of one type. We will mostly be using cherry, walnut and oak, but there will be some special and exotic woods when we happen to have them on hand. I know there are some mahogany ones and maybe some poplar in this batch. I will show them to you when they are all done. They are going to look great!

Finally home

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (1)

It took a few days to get caught up as always when I returned from 12 days on the road but I am finally ready to show you some pictures of the ladies size Sorrel top. Oh and yeah, what are your thoughts on the idea of changing the name for the larger sized version? Sorrel II? maybe I should name it for Lillah, my third granddaughter? Or what about Heather? (my daughter and Sorrel’s mom). Something else? Help! I am terrible at names, LOL!

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (3)

At first, before I blocked it, I tried it on and was unsure if I even liked it. I remained hopeful though since you should never judge a hand knit before a proper wet block. I was definitely not disappointed either. I am very pleased with the fit now and boy does this yarn feel great to wear. I am still wearing it while I am writing this post. :-) It is so soft and silky and light.

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (7)

Before I blocked it the measurement was small for the expected size but it easily blocked out to size without any excessive stretching. I didn’t even use any pins or wires. I simply put it in the washing machine for a hand wash cycle and laid it flat to dry on my bed. Only took about 6-8 hours to dry too.

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (2)

I am glad I lowered the neckline too. I was dubious even as I was binding it off that I had chosen right, but I am pleased with it.

So, I guess I had better get busy finalizing the pattern draft. I haven’t done a thing with it yet as I have tons of admin tasks to do also right now in addition to the household tasks. Soon though, promise. You will hear it here as soon as it is ready.


In other news, I am up to the second set of short rows on the body of my Chance of Showers cardigan. Also I have successfully upgraded the old laptop, which I am still using right now since the new one is still at least a week away from arriving, and it is going pretty good so far. I have noticed a few quirks with the touchpad, probably a driver, but I like it overall.

Okay I will sign off for now. Talk to you again soon!

Mission Accomplished

After an easy drive over from Schaumburg yesterday, I had no problem getting the booth set up and ready for the show, which opened today at 10:00 a.m.

MFF-2015 (5)

MFF-2015 (1)


I checked in at the hotel about 1:30 p.m. I got unloaded and grabbed some lunch on the way over to the fairgrounds to eat and read while waiting for them to open the building for the vendors to set up around 4:00 or 4:30. I chatted with some knitters and had a restful hour or two, so that was nice.

MFF-2015 (4)

I was pleasantly surprised that I was all finished, except for putting out the signs, by 8:15, which was less than 4 hours. It took me 5 1/2 hours at Stitches last weekend. ~shrugging shoulders~

MFF-2015 (6)

It has been a more leisurely day in the market today, which is great for the shoppers I bet, so I decided to write a post now in case I get too busy the rest of the weekend. The sale yarn is moving pretty briskly, so I wonder how much will still be left by Monday. :-)

MFF-2015 (3)

MFF-2015 (2)

Off to Allegan

It has been a nice little mini vacation these last three days but today it’s back to work. My bags are packed and I will be on my way over to Allegan, MI in about an hour. The drive should take about four hours or so if I don’t hit any major slowdowns. I will check in at the hotel and then go over to the fairgrounds to get the booth set up. I hope I can get it all done today so I don’t have to go in early tomorrow morning before the market opens at 10:00 a.m..


I didn’t do a whole lot while I was here but that was my choice. I like to travel but at heart I am also a homebody. I am never bored just hanging out in my own space reading, knitting, listening to music, etc. so that is what I did this week. I did go out yesterday after lunch and catch a movie. I saw The Gift and it was a pretty good psychological thriller. The theater is really nice too. It had those nice leather recliners for the seating. I had never been in ne before and it was kind of cool.

On my Chance of Showers sweater I finished the second sleeve and started the body last night. This is done with short rows so the only thing is to keep up with where you are in the progress of those and it’s easy enough. I am only a little ways in at this point. I may not get very much knitting time at Allegan since I have much less down time from here out. I will try to post at least once when I am there. As a matter of fact the hour grows late, so I must hit the road again. See you soon!