Shawl Knitting Update


On Friday I finished the knitting on Bermuda Triangle Shawl and started winding the yarn for my next two projects. More on that in a minute. I had wondered if the blocking would take care of the puckering where the dark blue slipped stitches for the vertical stripes, especially at the center where they meet, and it did. It came out perfect!


I soaked and blocked it on Saturday and wore it most of the day on Sunday. It is the perfect size to wear as a scarf, using just over 100 g of Classic Merino Superwash Sock which is a light fingering weight yarn. I had a partial ball of the Midnight Blue and a full skein of the Atlantic. I have 30 g left of the full skein and used 40 g total of the Midnight Blue.


Now on to what I am going to be working on for the next little while. First on the needles while I awaited the pattern for the other, was Iolanthe. This and the other shawl below are Dee O’Keefe’s designs, whom you may remember offers me excellent pattern support for my yarns. I am thrilled to have here patterns in my line and love knitting my way through here catalog. Smile


I am using the same yarn for this and the one below as I just used for the Bermuda Triangle. For Iolanthe I chose Amethyst since the motif is reminiscent of violets. Purple seemed appropriate and you rarely have to twist my arm to get me to knit with purple. Smile

I had a few hiccups in getting going, having to rip out the first chart 2x before I got it going right (just me making bonehead mistakes). It is going fine now and I made good progress over the weekend. I am on the 5th of 10 repeats of Chart 2 which is only 4 rows each repeat.

culpeper black background 034 1500spring green shawl 0612000 square.3

This is what I will be casting on for soon but in a different shade of green. It is Dee’s latest release using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn, she used Peridot and I am using Golden Olive. These pictures were given to me by Dee of the sample she made and I think it is just gorgeous! Culpeper Shawl is a half circle shawl and I am very excited about starting mine. I love this shape and the stitch patterns look fun to work.  I will probably have a start to show you of mine next time. Bye for now!                             

Knitting and Harry Potter


This is the best picture I could get on a rainy morning of my progress on the Bermuda Triangle shawl. I am in the final stretch now with only 10 more rows of the ribbing and then the contrast color garter edge. I am looking forward to seeing how it changes after a blocking. Right now the slipped stitches are drawing it in some but I think the soak and block will fix it right up. I really like these colors together too.

I dyed another large order for the mill this past weekend but since the daylight hours are so short and I was working until near dark every day, I didn’t get any pictures to show you. Just picture lots of colored fluff and some hand painted yarn. Smile 

I can’t remember if I told you that I am finally doing a re-read of the Harry Potter books, but I am and they are even better after a long break of eight years. This is the first time I have read all seven books in succession and that is quite fun. I just started the Order of the Phoenix last night. The first three books are pretty fun and fast paced. I most noticed this time around that when you get to the fourth book, The Goblet of Fire, things do start to get a bit more serious, don’t they. The stakes get higher and I was more emotionally invested in what was happening to the characters. Personally I am moved many times with empathy for Harry and his struggles against the darkness and hatred that he is up against. His courage in the face of it what he barely understands but knows is evil is admirable. Sure he has help, but does that diminish his fortitude? Of course not. The truth is none of stand by our own strength and we all need help to combat evil in this world. Love is the antidote as he finds in the end and it is the same for us all. Perfect love casts out fear.

Back Home

The year is drawing to an end and so has the show season, at least for me. I am getting back into the routine of daily life without travel interruptions. There has been much housekeeping and bookkeeping to get caught and last week took care of most of it. I still need to get the oil changed in my truck and renew the tags. I plan to take care of those items this week. I also will be back to work at my dyepots I think. New Era Fiber Mill has already sent some jobs my way which I did late last week. I expect to pick up some more when I drop off the finished goods tomorrow.

alpaca-dyeing-10-2015 (2)

Here are the samples I worked up on Wednesday and the whole lot below which I did on Thursday.

alpaca-dyeing-10-2015 (4)

On the knitting front, after I finished Lilyanna, I cast on a new project for a new designer I will be retailing for next year. I have some of Nancy Whitman’s patterns already on the website. Her work is also available on Ravelry. The first one of her lovely designs that I picked to knit is the Bermuda Shawl. I am using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in Atlantic and Midnight Blue on size US 6 needles. I wouldn’t normally use that size needles with this yarn in stockinette, but since the yarn is comparable in yardage to the Madelinetosh Merino Light and she used a US 7, I went for it. The idea is to have drape and a lighter fabric, I assume.

bermuda-triangle-progress (4)

It is going pretty fast. I am a bit past the halfway point already. It is a perfect movie knitting. I am still working my way through the X-Files for the third time, and I am sadly down to the last two episodes of the last season. I hope the new episodes in January will be good. I remain a bit skeptical that they can pull it off.

SAFF, Lilyanna, and more..

I am FINALLY getting a breather to catch you up on happenings.

Last weekend we were at Fiber in the Boro and this weekend I am in Asheville, NC for my tenth year at SAFF. I am very excited about the changes here. SAFF now has the WHOLE fairgrounds and there is so much room! I am liking the new set up in the Davis Arena. It’s so much cleaner! Yay!

I drove and did part of the set up on Wednesday and then spent an additional 7 hours over there day getting the booth ready and it’s looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

SAFF-2015 (14)

SAFF-2015 (11)

SAFF-2015 (13)

There’s my two newest shawls on display, Jimi and Lilyanna. Oh yeah You haven’t seen Lilyanna yet have you? I finished her and just had time to get it blocked on Tuesday before I left for SAFF.  I haven’t had a chance for proper photos but here’s a closer one in the booth for now.

SAFF-2015 (12)

I had hoped it would use just 2 skeins of Classic Merino Superwash DK but can you believe I needed 205 g? I cheated and used a remnant of something similar for the bind off. Yes, that is all I lacked! So annoying. I would you make sure to have at least 510 yards or maybe a bit more for yours. I love the shawl though and can see it getting much wear by me this winter as a scarf.

SAFF-2015 (6)

We have also got a second “yarn box” design with a sliding lid. I can’t decide which version is my favorite though.

SAFF-2015 (5)

What do you think? I have tested them both and they work equally well. Oh and I mentioned to Jerry about doing boxes with two holes for Fair Isle and other two color knitting. His reaction was why not just give a deal for the price of two instead. His reasoning is that the dimensions right now aren’t designed for two balls. Now we could do a larger one with two holes and keep the small one too, but it does seem simpler to just have one size and offer a discount for two. Do you agree? Comments are welcome. Smile

SAFF-2015 (4)

A New Thing…

Lilyanna-yarnbox (2)

Sorry I fell behind on my posting lately. I am 75% done with the edging on Lilyanna and will be picking up the top section stitches before you know it and working those German short rows. Smile

Lilyanna-yarnbox (3)

I thought this might be a perfect time to show you all a new thing we are working on for the knitters. We have been making wood and leather Yarn Bowls for several years now and many customers have commented on the fact that a lid was a must for them to use one because of cats, dogs, etc… so this is our solution.

Lilyanna-yarnbox (4)

We have a couple ideas for lid styles and this is the first one, with more to follow. We will see what the customers prefer before we finalize the design. This one sits on the top and is not attached at all which makes it lightweight (no hardware) and economical. One of our design priorities is that you can at anytime extricate your project so that is the reason for the slit on the edge.

It is 5” square and will be made from various woods. Our introductory price this weekend at the Fiber in the Boro festival will be $30 but that may change in the future based on wood type. What do you think? What should we call them? We would love to hear your questions, comments, feedback. Smile

Little Somethings


I took a break from work knitting because my 10 year old requested some red mittens and of course the 5 year old needed some too. What knitter could refuse such a request, I ask you? So we went stash diving and came up with a nice bright red skein of Cascade 220 and my copy of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and I set to work. I tell you what, that book is a must for every knitter. I have used that thing so much in the 13 years I have owned it.


I made quick work of Emma’s pair (the larger set). I finished them in just two or three sessions. I tried to talk Elijah into a different color for my sake because it is more fun for some silly reason. I mean I was making four of the exact same thing except one pair was smaller, so a change of color would have helped me from becoming bored. Smile He would not be swayed so red it was. I knit his pair Saturday afternoon and Sunday after church and lunch. So I guess it wasn’t too big a deal after all. The boredom was short lived.


These were so quick and easy that I got quite a bit of reading done at the same time. I don’t know if you can tell by looking close at my Kindle in the top picture, but the observant among you may have noticed that I am finally getting around to my re-read of the Harry Potter series. This will be the first time I have read all seven books in succession. My last reading was the last three when the seventh book came out in 2007. I am almost finished with The Chamber of Secrets. It is fun to revisit these!


So I think the mittens were a hit and they fit perfectly.


As soon as the mittens were done it was back to shawl knitting. I cast on for Lilyanna Shawl in my Classic Merino Superwash DK in Dusk. It is interesting to knit in that there are several stitches I have not done before but none are difficult to execute. There are also the cables to keep it interesting. Smile


The bottom part of the shawl is what I am knitting now. It is knit side to side and then you pick up stitches on the top side and work short rows in stockinette. I can’t recall ever making one by this method before. So far so good though. Smile

Jimi Shawl

JimiShawl-10-2015 (10)

I am home from Virginia and the sun finally showed it’s face yesterday. I hadn’t seen the sun in at least 10 days and it was good to see it after all the gray days and rain. I actually came home early, on Thursday, when I should have just arrived today. It was a great disappointment to everyone that the Fall Fiber Festival had to be cancelled due to the rain prior to the hurricane and then with the additional rain fall predicted for the weekend. It was undoubtedly the right call as the show is in a field in tents, but it was a bummer none the less.


That is a picture taken by the vendor coordinator for the festival on the Friday we were supposed to set up or maybe it was Saturday morning, but anyway it clearly would have been impossible for the show to go on under those conditions. Hopefully next year will be perfect!

JimiShawl-10-2015 (3)

So anyway as you can see, I finished the Jimi Shawl. I bound it off last night and took a shot of it right off the needles, unblocked. In that state it measured 40” across the top and about 18 1/2” down the center.

JimiShawl-10-2015 (4)

After a soak in the sink in some cool water and shampoo followed by a cold rinse and spin in the washing machine, I blocked it with wires on my bed. After removing the blocking wires I measured it again in a relaxed state and it is 52” across the top and about 25” down the center. So, it blocked out more than I expected and it is really a nice size to wear as a scarf.

JimiShawl-10-2015 (11)

I can see wearing in over the shoulders too with a shawl pin. Sorry this one is a little dark but the light was starting to go when I remembered to take one with a shawl pin.


It was a very fun project to make and so easy and quick. If you want to make your own just follow the link to my project page or direct from here to buy the pattern. I will eventually have the pattern available on my website where you can also find the  Classic Merino Superwash DK yarn. You just need two skeins. I added three extra stripes of each color but that is the only modification other than using size 7 and 8 needles. The 8 is just for the bind off so I used a DPN. Let me know if you make one. I would love to see yours too! Smile