Mayuri-finnished (13)

I completed Mayuri on Friday in Wisconsin. I took the picture below right off the needles to demonstrate the difference blocking makes. The color is very difficult to get right too. The one down at the bottom is the closest to what it really looks like.

Mayuri-finnished (3)

I got the blocking done last night, so sorry for such terrible lighting on this picture. It was almost 8:00 last night so I had to turn on the light. I wanted you to see the weird way I had to block it though. It’s a very long crescent so the ends want to curl up. Looks kind of like a manta ray or something. Smile

Mayuri-finnished (5)

Kyla was good enough to model it for you. I was outside dyeing up an order for the mill and was not fit to be seen. Open-mouthed smile

Mayuri-finnished (7)

We tried to show the curls here. I may wear this one at the Woolgathering this coming weekend if it’s not too warm out. I will be leaving on Friday for that festival. If you will be there come on in and say “Hi” and see Mayuri in person. I will have the pattern and yarn in the booth. 

Mayuri-finnished (9)

Mayuri Progress

Mayuri-wip (5)

My Mayuri Shawl has been getting all my possible attention so I am making good progress on it. I just joined on the second skein of yarn last night and at the last row of chart 4. There are 7 charts in all.

Mayuri-wip (1)

At the end of chart 4 I will have 363 stitches on the needle and at the end of chart 7 there will be 451 stitches to bind off. The rows are getting much slower as I go of course but to keep it in perspective, Sonnenblume had 713 stitches, so it could be worse. Smile I love my Sonnenblume though, so it was totally worth those rows in the end.

Sonnenblume-complete (2)

I love how it perfectly matches the grass in this picture!

Michigan Fiber Festival 2016

Quick update from Michigan; I am having a wonderful time in Allegan this weekend for the Michigan Fiber Festival. We got a little wet due to a sudden shower during the booth set up yesterday and some rain is forecast for tomorrow, but we are in a building so it’s okay. The upside to the rain is that it must be ahead of a cool front since the temperature are supposed to fall to low 70’s on Sunday.

MFF-2016 (1)

MFF-2016 (2)

MFF-2016 (3)

I have made some progress on Mayuri too. I am on the second chart which is 8 rows long and repeats 10 times. I think I have done 3 of those. I took this in my booth this morning and the color is a little washed out.


Knitting and Dyeing

I have been trying to find an opportunity to write this post for several days. I returned from Chicago last Monday and every day has been full. I won’t bore with all the details but here is a portion of the fruits of my labor.


Knitting first because it is a knitting blog after all, right? So, I told you I was planning a couple of new lace projects soon and I cast on for the first one a couple days ago. I got the first chart knit. This is one of Dee O’Keefe’s newest releases called Mayuri. I am making it with my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in one of my new colors, Peacock. 


The second newborn sized woolie is completed for Meredith’s little one, so that’s another project done. I haven’t much touched the sock in progress this week so nothing new there.

Now the other work I have been doing that may be of interest to you is some custom dyeing for the New Era Fiber Mill, only this job was hand painting some yarn. This top one was an order for an Ombre in blue. I didn’t technically hand paint this like the other two jobs below; I used a progressive dip immersion process. I am pleased with how they came out, which is good because I was totally making it up as I went. Open-mouthed smile



Here are the other two jobs:




I am actually headed out the door to deliver these right now so I will have to close. I am off to Allegan, MI in the morning for the Michigan Fiber Festival so my next post will probably be from there. Never a dull moment. Smile


Back in Schaumburg

Hey everyone! I am currently in my hotel room having a little bit of down time before I head over to the Renaissance Convention Center for the opening market day at Stitches Midwest 2016.

I drove up and set up the booth on Tuesday and Wednesday.

StitchesMW2016 (9)

StitchesMW2016 (1)

StitchesMW2016 (3)

StitchesMW2016 (8)

I ended up needing to go shoe shopping on Wednesday afternoon after I finished getting the booth ready because the strap on my sandals broke while I was working and it was the only pair of shoes I brought. They were the Crocs I had bought when I was here a couple years ago. I loved those shoes so I went back to the Croc store in Woodfield Mall and got something similar.

08-04-16 (7)08-04-16 (8)

I also went out this morning after breakfast to my favorite place to visit when I am here, the Half-Price Books store, which is just up the way from my hotel. I found a few things that I couldn’t resist. Smile

08-04-16 (1)

I have been knitting a little and have started the second sock and another newborn wool diaper cover.

08-04-16 (4)

08-04-16 (5)

I will be started a new lace project or two soon; more on that later. Bye for now!

Mostly Knitting

All the work we did earlier this month in preparation for hitting the road again on Tuesday is paying off now with a bit of time for other things. I have gotten some knitting done this week. I finished the first sock as you can see.


Rather than casting on for the second right away, I started a little wool diaper cover for the new grand baby coming. Meredith plans to use cloth diapers and requested some of these to use. We seem to have lost the ones I may for Elijah six years ago. I loaned them to a couple of my other daughters and now they are missing in action. They are pretty quick to make though so it’s easily remedied.


My favorite yarn for these is Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. Here’s a couple of Elijah wearing one.


06 16 11_Elijah in woolie_1350

Hard to believe he is six now.


While we are sort of on the subject of grand babies, I got to see my littlest one the other day and can’t resist showing her off. Pandora is three months old already. Sigh. Smile

Pandora-7-27-16 (1)

In other news, we have a better late than never arrival for the booth next week. This Mayapple Shawl in Classic Merino Bamboo yarn was begun about two years ago I think. Three of my daughters have labored on it and it is finally complete! It turned out magnificent and I am predicting it will be a hit in the booth.

MayappleShawl (1)

The pictures don’t quite capture it as well as it looks in person, so hopefully you can see it in our booth at one of the many festivals where I will be vending this summer and fall.

MayappleShawl (5)

MayappleShawl (3)

Sock Knitting and New Yarn

All the yarn is labeled and loaded in the trailer for the fall show season. I spent a couple days getting the new yarn colors, Paprika and Peacock, on the website and also marking down to 50% off, the discontinued colors, Azure and Pumpkin Spice.  You can find these within the product pages for each yarn base. Sale prices are good while supply lasts!


Also I am still knitting on my sock. I am quite enjoying it since it has been I have no idea how long since I made a pair of socks.


I will probably start a new shawl next in one of the new colors. Dee O’Keefe has two new designs I am itching to make, Mayuri and Talise. I also have another grandbaby on the way in the fall who will need some warm knitted things, so that will be in the works soon too.