Wisconsin Sheep and Wool

Elijah and me

Self portrait made possible due to cool feature on my Atrix which reverses the camera so I can see the display while taking the picture. Who knew?

Elijah and me

We are in Jefferson, WI for the Sheep & Wool. We got the booth set up this morning and had the afternoon free.


Since the weather is fabulous, as usual, we decided to spend some of it outside.  The girls went in the pool and Elijah and I hung out on the patios after he got tired of the pool.

pretty sky

Look at that incredibly blue sky. After the deluge we were getting all weekend in Nashville, the warm sunshine was most welcome to us.

my constant companion

I brought out my constant companion and got in some reading while Elijah played in the sunshine and grass.

Knitting Notions booth WI S&W 2011

Here’s a few shots of the booth.

Knitting Notions booth WI S&W 2011

Hope you can come out and enjoy the festival this weekend. I think the beautiful weather is going to continue. The market is hours are on the website but I had to hunt to find them so I’ll post them here for you:



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