Since we are leaving at dark thirty in the morning for the first half of our drive to St.Paul, MN and won’t be back until next Tuesday, I thought it was a good idea to check the robin nest this morning. It’s a good thing I did or I would have missed them.  My last check on them was just three short days ago and they were all still in the nest. Today however I only found one lone fledgling.

2012 05 08_1064_edited-1.JPG

I suppose it will be gone too by the time we return. I wonder if it’s the one we saved?

2012 05 08_1068_edited-1.JPG

Isn’t it sweet?

2012 05 08_1067_edited-1.JPG

I will miss checking on their progress.

2012 05 08_1073_edited-1.JPG

This is the mama keeping a close eye on the remaining offspring.

2012 05 08_1063.JPG

In knitting progress we have reached the end of the foot section and I will be starting the gusset and heel tonight.

I found this “sandman” on my camera when I was uploading these pictures. LOL!

2012 05 05_1090.JPG

My next post will probably be from Minnesota at Shepherd’s Harvest. Smile 

4 thoughts on “Fledglings

  1. I wonder if the mama & papa robin will lay another clutch in the same nest this year? Seems like they’d have enough time to raise a second brood….


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