September knitting and Wisconsin Sheep & Wool

The rows are long on my Twig and Leaf so I haven’t gotten too far yet. It has been a busy week getting ready for and driving to, Wisconsin Sheep & Wool, so only a row or two here and there. I am one or two rows, can’t remember which, from finishing the first of two and a half repeats. After the lace section you work in garter for the short rows at the top. That should go faster. I am waiting until this is done to start Sonneblume because I don’t like having more than one lace thing going. I would only work on one of them anyway. That’s just my way :-)

2012 09 06_1853.JPG

Oh, so here’s a new thing this week. I had been thinking about getting the new Google Nevus 7 tablet since I first heard about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted/needed it. I already have and love my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight which I use for reading; my laptop for main computer stuff with and my Android phone to fill in when am away from my computer. I mean it can do anything a tablet can right? Right. But, since it’s so small in comparison it is more tedious for some things. Also if I had the tablet I could use it for reading too if I wanted to and I can actually access all my books easily from it, like my Kindle app for the few books I have on there which I have up until now only used my PC and phone for that.

So anyway I talked myself into it pretty easily with the fact that it will be good for entertaining Elijah in the truck as the tipping point. :-) It is really fun to use and I can see getting a lot of use from it. I have been playing with it the last couple days and really like it.

2012 09 06_1855.JPG

So the drive to Wisconsin was pretty uneventful but it is a long day for sure. We got on the road at about 4:45am and arrived here about 5:30pm. I let the girls and Elijah sleep in until after 8:30 this morning while I rose at 7:00 for some quiet time with my coffee and breakfast. I did some reading and internet browsing on my tablet. Then after everyone was up and dressed we went to set up the booth.

2012 09 06_1832.JPG

Elijah rode in the back carrier to keep him out from under foot while the girls unloaded the stuff fro the trailer.

2012 09 06_1838.JPG

Here’s our space before we get all moved in.

2012 09 06_1837.JPG

We get started by arranging the fixtures and once we have decided where everything will fit best we start putting out the merchandise.

2012 09 06_1844.JPG

Et Voila! About 2-3 hours later it is all pretty and ready for the shoppers!

2012 09 06_1845.JPG 2012 09 06_1846.JPG 2012 09 06_1847.JPG

2012 09 06_1848.JPG

2012 09 06_1849.JPG

4 thoughts on “September knitting and Wisconsin Sheep & Wool

  1. Mary Hazlett says:

    Just so you know, I have several tablets, including Samsung Galaxy and iPad. I download free patterns from knit picks to my device. If I ever want to print them, I can attach them to an email. In the meantime, I always have knitting projects with me!


    • yes, I agree it is awesome for patterns. I completely forgot to mention that. DUH. I have several apps, my favorite one is Documents To Go, that will sync with my PC and phone so I also have my patterns with me. I can also print from all three devices if I want to but I rarely print out my patterns anymore.


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