Baby knitting

2013 09 19_4174.JPG

I finished the first Latte Baby Coat for the youngest grandchild due in November. It was so fast to knit! I mean wow. I almost never knit anything on size 10 needles anymore and I had forgotten how quick it can be. I tend to prefer the look and fabric with smaller gauge yarns but I can see how on occasion thicker yarns can have their appeal and it really is cute and cuddly.

2013 09 19_4175.JPG

I cast on right away for the second one in the next size up for Sorrel. I am hoping to get these last two knit before the end of the month when we are going to northwest Virginia. I will be able to see my granddaughters then and want to pass the sweaters on to them in person.

2013 09 19_4177.JPG

We are leaving early in the morning for Yellow Springs, OH for A Wool Gathering. There is some rain in the forecast this year for Saturday but Sunday is supposed to be pretty weather. I will try to check in sometime over the weekend.

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