The truck is packed

And we are off to Virginia for almost two weeks.
Here’s my knitting for the trip.  I am committed to finishing the sweaters for the  girls so that is in there but there are a few other “jus t in case” skeins in there to. You know for the off chance I should run out of knitting. :-)


The show in Yellow Springs was great! It rained cats and dogs Friday night and left a big muddy mess on Saturday morning but we knitters aren’t gonna let that stop us.

Both days turned off sunny and cooler which was just perfect.

So now on to Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival and Fall Fiber Festival.  We don’t have definite plans for the four days we have between yet.

Parting shot of Elijah and me this morning just for fun.


5 thoughts on “The truck is packed

  1. safe travels … I’m teaching two classes and helping a cashmere breeder the rest of the time at SVFF. Montpelier, I’m just there on Sunday but I’ll be in the demo tent showing folks how cool knitting can be …


  2. needlefingers says:

    I ran out of yarn once. It was just a weekend visit, with another knitter no less, and I finished up the only project I had brought with me. That’s a rookie mistake.

    Since then, I’ve been bringing crazy amounts of yarn on all trips, usually five projects’ worth or more. Like I said, crazy. But better crazy than sorry. That just might become my life’s motto. ;)


      • needlefingers says:

        Well yes, YOU probably wouldn’t run out of yarn. (Note to self: look into getting trailer to haul yarn stash everywhere) Ha! Even if you weren’t a yarn vendor yourself, running out of yarn at a fiber show would take a special kind of talent. ;) Hope you have beautiful weather and fantastic sales!


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