More baby knitting progress

Latte Baby coats_0002

I am finished with the second Latte Baby Coat and have started the third one in the largest size. I am making this one without the hood since my daughter said that my granddaughter won’t wear a hood anyway. It is cute with the hood but I am hoping I will like the hoodless version too.

Latte Baby coats_0004

I debated with myself, yes I do that, about modifying the neck to do front neck shaping, using short rows to build up the back neck, but I ended up not doing that after all. I figure that maybe having the neck higher in the front will be a benefit to blocking drafts since it is an outer garment.

I like the way this Cascade Eco Wool washes up after it is knit. These sweaters are cushy and soft. I like the natural colors too. It’s a nice change.

I have been catching up on stuff around here since returning from Virginia last week, which is why I haven’t written an post in so long. I am feeling accomplished just by the fact that I finished the second sweater. I missed my goal to have these finished while I was in Virginia so I could give them to the girls and my new goal is to finish them before SAFF next week. Meredith will be driving from Asheville, at the close of the show, up to Maryland to help out with Heather’s move to Jacksonville the first of November. The plan is that she can take these along and deliver them. I know I can mail them but it is good to have deadlines to keep me in line with my goals, :-)

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