Wednesday’s Work


The weather has been great here for the last several days. Sunny and low humidity with highs only in the low eighties so yesterday was perfect weather for getting the custom dye job done.


These two colors are a bit off in this picture, unfortunately. The blue one is more turquoise and looks much more saturated.


These are the two colors that I adjusted a bit from the sample colors and I am quite happy with how they came out. I am delivering the fiber this afternoon.


I have gotten past the short row sections on the body now on the Chance of Showers cardigan, so it is easier to see the shaping now. The back is longer than the front because of the short rows. I have a set of plain stockinette rows to work and then I think is the edging. Maybe I will have it done before I leave for Wisconsin on the September 9th. Smile

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Work

  1. needlefingers says:

    The purple in the picture is gorgeous! I’ve got yarn skeined up and ready to dye, and this is just making me get an even itchier dye – um, what’s the dyeing equivalent of ‘trigger finger’?

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