Ode to the Butterfly

I completed Ode to the Buttefly on New Years Day but it took awhile to get it blocked and then to have a good enough day weather-wise for photography.

Here is a bad lighting shot that at least shows the difference in before and after blocking.

I had a bit of struggle figuring out the best shape to block it. I started as I usually do by pinning the top edge straight across but it became apparent very quickly that was not going to work. The scallops on the edge where the stitch pattern changes weren’t stretching out properly. I figured out that I needed to bow the top edge down on each side some to get it to smooth out.

I also wonder if I had gone with the size 6 or 7 needle size (recommended in the pattern) instead of my go to 5 needles for fingering weight lace work, it might have helped with the blocking without needing to bow the top. I just hesitated to go that big with this yarn.

I have got two things on the needles at the moment but since I didn’t get a picture of either yet before it got dark today, I will save that for my next post.

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