Monday Knitting and Dyeing

The blanket is all done! I love it! So glad to be done with the sewing and back to knitting.

What is on the needles now? A Wonderful Wallaby. I have some design ideas floating around in my head but this will do for some easy knitting while I plan.

Some lovely blue Cascade 220 that has been marinating in the stash for some time.

This morning, while I would love to be knitting all day, work must take priority I guess 😉. I am back at the dye pots. I have about 12.5 lbs. of fiber to dye for the mill.

What are you doing today?

11 thoughts on “Monday Knitting and Dyeing

  1. Wanda Ivey says:

    Love your blanket. I am knitting my second Shila while stalking Dee O’ Keefe page waiting for the next pattern. Then I will decide which yarn to use next. Hope the rains did not cause you any problems. East TX Fiber Fest announced they are planning to go forward with the 2021 show in November.

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    • Thank you! Dee’s patterns are so awesome!

      We did get a lot of rain but no problems at our place.

      I am so excited to get back out doing shows and I am looking forward to returning to Texas! 😁


    • Thanks! I used to quilt many years ago. I loved the designing and piecing the top the best. I was a hand quilter; never had a machine for that. I enjoy seeing what you are working on.


  2. I love that blanket! And …………..knitting twins! I got sleeve #2 done and remembered why I count rows instead of relying on meauring, one is two rows longer than the other BUT that one was a touch too long so it’s fine.

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  3. Beautiful! You do great work. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    To answer your question, I don’t do much knitting or crocheting these days – now that I’m at the age where as a child I expected to be doing very little else! (*eye roll*) Funny how life surprises you. These days words are my stitches.

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