To Embellish or Not?

That is the question. I posted this on my Instagram/Facebook yesterday but didn’t get time to write a blog post. I spent most of yesterday cleaning house.

So here’s the finished sweater with no embroidery yet. I wanted a picture of it like this to add as an option for the pattern when I publish it. I also wanted to have a comparison as to whether I even still wanted to do that at all. So, here’s a sample with half of the embroidery done. What do you think? I am leaning towards finishing the other side.

11 thoughts on “To Embellish or Not?

  1. Bev Moon says:

    I’d add the embellishment for a girl but leave it plain for a boy (of course you’d have to switch the buttonhole placement). Trying to think of a simple design for a boy.

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    • Yes I agree. I was thinking to add that suggestion in the pattern. Plain for a boy if desired. For that matter it could be left plain for a girl too. Knitter’s choice! 😉


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