Partly Sunny

After a week of nothing but gray weather, I was very happy to see the sun peeking over the horizon this morning. It’s at best only partly sunny but headed for a high temperature of 64, so it’s an improvement that I will appreciate.

I have a small order from the fiber mill that I think I will take advantage of the break in the weather to dye up this morning. Here’s my samples I worked up first since I was not sure what I was going to use to achieve maroon and mossy green on this very dark fleece. The bottom is the original color. This was the darkest colors I could get. I have them in the pot now.


If you recall in my last post I needed to knit the right front of the sweater, which I did. I started the collar/button bands yesterday. I have knit almost half of it not so a finished sweater is very near. I just have to set in the sleeves and sew up the side seams. I guess I had better make a trip to Joann’s today for buttons. :-)


Oh and here’s the current status of my gloves. I ripped out and cast on with fewer stitches and also went down from the 2.5mm needles to 2.25mm ones. I am currently second guessing the needle change. Sigh.


Knitting and Dyeing

I have been trying to find an opportunity to write this post for several days. I returned from Chicago last Monday and every day has been full. I won’t bore with all the details but here is a portion of the fruits of my labor.


Knitting first because it is a knitting blog after all, right? So, I told you I was planning a couple of new lace projects soon and I cast on for the first one a couple days ago. I got the first chart knit. This is one of Dee O’Keefe’s newest releases called Mayuri. I am making it with my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in one of my new colors, Peacock. 


The second newborn sized woolie is completed for Meredith’s little one, so that’s another project done. I haven’t much touched the sock in progress this week so nothing new there.

Now the other work I have been doing that may be of interest to you is some custom dyeing for the New Era Fiber Mill, only this job was hand painting some yarn. This top one was an order for an Ombre in blue. I didn’t technically hand paint this like the other two jobs below; I used a progressive dip immersion process. I am pleased with how they came out, which is good because I was totally making it up as I went. Open-mouthed smile



Here are the other two jobs:




I am actually headed out the door to deliver these right now so I will have to close. I am off to Allegan, MI in the morning for the Michigan Fiber Festival so my next post will probably be from there. Never a dull moment. Smile


New Projects


Well I survived not only one but two provisional cast on incidents in the process of starting the knitting of Sonnenblume. It nearly killed me a few times and more than a few un-lady-like words were uttered but it is smooth sailing now.


I have also been making preparations for dyeing a bunch of yarn to restock for the late summer and fall festivals. I mentioned I am going to add a couple new colors and here are the sample skeins as a sneak preview. I am calling them Paprika and Peacock. Both are a bit more muted in person than what I see on my screen. They will be replacing Azure and Pumpkin Spice which are colors I have had in my line from the beginning, so ten years. I will have all the yarn in my inventory in those colors on clearance price very soon. More on that later.

Okay I am going to get some knitting done. See you soon!


Thurmont 6-16-16 (3)

My Thurmont Shawl is all done! I really like it too. Easy and fun knit which I am looking forward to wearing this fall. Right now, no way. DK weight Merino wool is not for use in the south in the height of summer heat. Winking smile It should be just right by October though.

Thurmont 6-16-16 (5)

I ended up using 225-230g of yarn for mine, so I have enough left of the third skein for fingerless mitts or a small hat.

Thurmont 6-16-16 (1)

I haven’t started a new knitting project yet. I still have my Honey Cowl on the needles so I will piddle with that for a day or two and probably call it done. After that I have an idea about what to knit next. I  am thinking about finally making my Sonnenblume which I still have the yarn for in my knitting bag. I was the dyer for Anne’s FIFC club in 2012 and I saved myself a skein to make this. Honestly I hate doing a provisional cast on and I think that caused my procrastination. It’s quite silly, I know.

dyeing 6-16-16

I will leave you with a picture of my work for the last two days for the mill. The two colors in front are to be spun separately and then plied together; the same for the two colors on the middle table. I wish I could see the yarn when they are done because I bet they will look cool. Smile

What’s Up This Week?

So sorry for the recent neglect of the blog. Last week was a whirlwind of driving, hauling gear, schlepping in and out of hotels and venue, and visiting with lots of knitters. In case you forget what I mean, I was in Pittsburgh for the 12th annual Knit & Crochet Festival.

We were in the new downtown location this year; the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. It is a lovely facility and has much more space. The plans are ongoing for next year’s event with a new date of March 24-26, 2017.

I took a few pictures of the booth but they weren’t too great due to lighting which I poorly planned for. Next year I think I am going to have to get some booth lighting. Anyway here a couple of the better ones. 

pghkandc2016 (5)

pghkandc2016 (6)

I arrived home on Monday and got right to work on a dye order for the fiber mill. It was one bump of alpaca to be dyed Tomato Red and twenty-nine skeins of yarn to be hand painted in a color way specified in a small swatch which I was to match.

Here’s the fiber:


And here’s the yarn. I am really happy with how this batch came out. The blue here is actually a turquoise and the colors are all richer and more saturated in person.





While I was in Pittsburgh, Jerry was hard at work here finishing up a batch of new Yarn Boxes in Walnut wood. I just love Walnut! Isn’t it lovely? I should have the finish on them and have them on the website by early next week. Here’s a preview shot I took on Tuesday when I was out working in the dye/finish studio. Smile

walnut yarn box (1)

Nearing the Finish Line

We had a smattering of snow again yesterday but thankfully it is only a dusting and roads are still clear. It’s pretty chilly out today so I think I will wait until the afternoon for grocery shopping, which is why I have time to write this post this morning.

yarn-dyeing-2-2016 (5)

What you see here is the results of Friday’s dyeing. About half is a minor restock of my inventory and the rest is for the Bocce Shawl Kit.

yarn-dyeing-2-2016 (4)

This week I got to work on the winding of the mini skeins for the kit. I have one color all done and four more to go. I have the cover sheet for the pattern ready and the only detail to be finalized is how to package the kits.

Bocce-kit-prep (1)

Most importantly, to me anyway, is that I am sooo close to finishing the knitting of the booth sample Bocce Shawl! I am finished with the color sections and only have the border to knit. That’s only 12 rows and the bind off, so not much at all. I just love how it’s coming out and can’t wait to see it after it’s blocked.

Bocce-kit-prep (2)

I took this shot of Elijah on Friday when I was out working when he came out to play and observe wearing his big sister’s boots. It was so precious I couldn’t resist a picture. Smile

Well, blocked shawl pictures and more details on the kit will most likely be in the next post. Stay warm, spring is coming soon! Right?

yarn-dyeing-2-2016 (1)

Feast or Famine

I have wanted to write a new post so many times in the last week but was too busy in the morning to do it before starting my day and by the end of it, had too little energy to spare. I am now writing to you while my breakfast is cooking, before heading back out for a day at the dye pots once again. In February you waste a sunny pleasant day at your peril when work is to be done outside. We have been fortunate to have most of this week but there is potential nasty winter weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday. fiber-dyeing-02-04-16 (4)

fiber-dyeing-02-04-16 (3)

fiber-dyeing-02-04-16 (2)

So last week I started getting the dyes mixed for some yarn to restock my inventory for the coming festival season and to dye for the Bocce Shawl kit I told you I am putting together. As soon as I had completed that and the yarn arrived from the mill and I was prepared to get to work dyeing it all up when I received word from the mill I dye for that they had some business for me. Their order took precedence (from my perspective) so I got right on it. I picked it up on Friday and started dyeing up samples on Saturday. Monday was spent mixing stock. Tuesday I mixed the colors. Wednesday and Thursday I dyed up the whole order. On top of that there is always meals to cook, laundry to do, errands to run, school work to oversee, you can see why my lack of energy at the end of the day for blogging. Oh and I almost forgot that our hot water heater sprang a leak and needed replaced during all this too. It is all I can do to put on the kettle for a cup of Earl Grey and listen to some music to unwind. Smile

fiber-dyeing-02-04-16 (1)

So one more day out at the pots today should be all I need to get my yarn done. Possibly pictures will be forth coming.

I have managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting as well on the Bocce Shawl and it is really looking nice if I do say so myself. I love these colors together broken up by the natural color. I have three more colors to go and the border.