Still Here..

Good morning blog. I know it has been ages and once again I beg your pardon. Since my last post from Virginia the end of September, it is now the end of another very hectic month.

I arrived home after the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier on October the 3rd and hit the ground running. New Era Fiber Mill has kept me super busy dyeing for them with large orders every week. In addition to that, I had a big batch of new Yarn Boxes in cherry and walnut ready for finish and then to be photographed and added to the website. Some of my yarn inventory also needed replenished (which is a good problem to have Smile) so there was yet more dyeing to be done.


Now if that isn’t enough for you, we also had the pleasure of hosting my oldest daughter Alicia’s wedding to Aaron Brown at our home. It was outdoors; a small immediate family affair. All of my children and grandchildren were in attendance except for Meredith and Luke, who were sorely missed. It was wonderful to have everyone together again for a brief reunion. My second oldest daughter, Heather, with Garrod and the three little girls stayed at our house. Oh, and Honey, their sweet doggie, came along as well, much to Emma’s delight. I wish I had thought to get some pictures of those two together because Emma enjoyed Honey’s visit very much.

Anyway, it was a thrown together rather last minute, and went off surprisingly well. Open-mouthed smile I am very happy that they came to Nashville so that we could all be a witness to what will surely be a blessed union.

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures that Heather and I took over the weekend.

AliciaOopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (33)

Oopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (38)

Oopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (46)Oopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (45)



Gabey-LillahOopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (30)


Oopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (52)Oopis-Wedding-10-08-16 (48)

I am in Asheville, NC this weekend for SAFF and from here I proceed to Minneapolis, MN for my first Vogue Knitting event. I will make more of an effort to update much sooner next time and fill you in on my travels this week and my recent knitting, not that there has been much of that lately. Open-mouthed smile

Catching Up

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, sorry about that. Since I got back from Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival it has been a busy week and a half with both work and family.

My second oldest daughter flew up for 5 days from Jacksonville with her youngest daughter. We got together here for dinner and visiting almost every day. I don’t get to see her or the children nearly often enough, so we had to squeeze in a lot in only a few days. I didn’t get a lot of pictures but I will share a few of the highlights.

Heather's visit 06-2016 (3)

This is Heather (my 2nd oldest) and her youngest, Lillah.

Heather's visit 06-2016 (8)Heather's visit 06-2016 (14)

Three of my daughters and my two youngest granddaughters. The lone boy here is of course my youngest, Elijah.

Pandora-06-2016 (7)Heather's visit 06-2016 (1)

A couple of Pandora who, as babies do, is growing and changing every day. Recognize the sweater?

This week has been so far a time of catching up on household tasks and preparing to do some dyeing. We cleaned the house on Saturday and then set to work on finally getting those last two bedrooms painted that we didn’t get to when we did the whole house about 18 months ago. They look so much better now. I still need to wash all the windows and clean the furniture upholstery if I can get to that. I also need to turn in my end of the year grade reports for the children and order yarn to dye. I am planning a few new colors this year. More on that next post I think.

One more quick update on knitting is called for I think. I am so close to finishing Thurmont. I only have the last chart to knit which is only 12 rows so I should finish up in a day or two. Here’s my progress as of this morning. I did have to go into a third skein of the Classic Merino Superwash DK which I hoped would not be needed. I knew going in that it was a good possibility since the yardage called for was just above my yardage in two skeins.



Travels and A New Pattern

Hello again! I am posting from Lexington, KY this weekend. We are happy to be back at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival again this year. We are in the Ag Pavillion as we were in previous years but we have a new location, booth #31.

KSFF-2016 (1)

I am all settled into my hotel room for the night having a cup of tea. The booth is all finished for the big weekend.

KSFF-2016 (7)

The Yarn Boxes have been popular this spring. They did very well at DFW and last weekend at the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival in Minnesota.

KSFF-2016 (2)

I finished the knitting of the medium sized Dora Cardigan in the hotel last weekend in time to put it out for the show. You can see it in the picture there along with the small one in the Superwash Sport above it.

KSFF-2016 (5)

Here’s a better view of it that I took in the hotel room which is surprisingly not too bad. Smile

cotton-dora (4)

I have the pattern available both on my website and on Ravelry.

I have started a new knitting project but I think I will save that for my next post. How about a couple cute family pictures to close with?

Here’s my cute husband…


and a new one of my granddaughter Dora from yesterday. She was awake for a while but I stupidly forgot to take any pictures until she fell asleep again. Maybe next time. Smile

Dora-5-19-2016 (2)

Babies and Sweaters

Where to start? Quite a few things have happened since my last post a couple weeks ago.

Dora-Sweater-05-05-16 (5)

First I finished the new version of Dora in my Classic Merino Superwash Sport yarn. I made a couple small changes, including changing the neck shaping method to German short rows. I love these! One of Dee O’Keefe’s patterns introduced them to me and I decided that would work better for the neck than the way I did the proto type.


I have the pattern all written up and am knitting up the second size in my Organic Cotton Sport. I am reasonably confident in the math for this size and the large but won’t know for sure on the yardage estimates until they have been test knit.

I will have it for sale this coming weekend at the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival which I am currently en route to as I write this post. I have stopped on the way up in Rockford, IL and will arrive in Minnesota tomorrow afternoon. I will have the pattern online at the website and Ravelry very soon too. I will let you know when that happens.

Dora5-05-16 (5)

Oh and one more really exciting thing happened. The real Dora has arrived and we are smitten with her tiny self. This is my fifth grandchild and fourth granddaughter. Smile

Dora5-05-16 (9)


I am plugging away at the ladies Sorrel design. I have completed the stitch pattern section in the yoke and am adding some more length before I do the first decrease round.


I am still not totally decided on how deep to go for the overall yoke since I feel like I want to make it more shallow than the original. I definitely won’t be adding the back button detail since that is not needed since it is not going over baby heads. :-)

I will probably knit this for about another inch or so and then work the decrease. I just don’t want to make the mistake of a narrowing the yoke to soon and making the underarm area pull under stress. I am loosely following EZ’s percentage system for proportions here but since my neck treatment will be different than a traditions sweater that is my concern for getting it right and not wasting valuable knitting time by having to rip back.

In other news, we celebrated another birthday here yesterday. It was Kyla’s 16th. She got her presents early. She wanted a copy of Go Set a Watchman which we pre-ordered and received on release day. She opted not to wait and read it that day. She liked it better than I did. I was meh on it, maybe 3 stars; She gave it 3 and a half. Her other presents were a soundtrack CD she requested and a new pair of headphones. Don’t happen to have pictures of the presents but I did take take some with the cake. She insisted on making it herself and it was yummy. :-)

July 27-2015 (3)

July 27-2015 (1)

July 27-2015 (5)

July 27-2015 (2)

Saturday Post


It has been a busy week but I did squeeze in some knitting time and am ready to bind off the body and start the sleeves on the Organic Cotton Sport Classic Baby Cardigan. I planned to write a post several times during the week and it just didn’t happen. I have been getting tons of new stock in the trailer and doing some general changes to how I pack and how I will set up the booth. I will be doing the shows solo for the first time and felt like some streamlining of the system might be in order.

oofay-luke-07-2015 (1)

A part of the reason for the change is due to Meredith and Luke moving to Nome Alaska this week for at least two years. They both took some good job offers and are going to see how it goes. I miss them but am happy for them to have the opportunity and adventure. Why this affects my travel is that Meredith was the main one able to help out with some babysitting when it was needed at night. My oldest daughter still at home will be filling that role which means there is no one else to help me at shows. I know many vendors manage solo so I am not worried. There will be some inconveniences I am sure but it will work out.

oofay-luke-07-2015 (2)

I took these pictures on Wednesday when they came for a last good bye. They spent nearly all day Thursday in traveling but I got a text around midnight my time that they arrived safe and were getting settled in.

I bet they are enjoying the temperatures in Nome today at least. It is 51 degrees there right now and in the upper 90’s here with humidity in the low 100’s. I wouldn’t particularly want to trade places in about 5-6 months from now though.

A Fun Fourth

Fourth of July 2015 (3)

Okay so maybe this part wasn’t fun but I am getting to that. We finished up most of the labeling of the yarn on Friday and did the last bit Saturday morning. There were a baker’s dozen skeins that were snarled to the point of needing re-skeined so that is what I starting working on for the rest of the afternoon on Saturday before heading out to my daughter’s in-laws for a Fourth of July cookout and fireworks.

Fourth of July 2015 (4)

Many fireworks were fired off and the food and company were much enjoyed by all.

Fourth of July 2015 (5)

My attempts to capture they fireworks themselves fell short so I didn’t bother to post those but I did get a few of the ones who were having such fun shooting them. :-)

Fourth of July 2015 (6)

Fourth of July 2015 (8)

I regret that I totally forgot to take a single picture from the family fun we had on Sunday.  Jerry’s mom, brother, and many nieces and nephews came to spend Sunday afternoon with us.

There is not much knitting progress to report but here is what I have on the Chance of Showers sleeve.

chance of showers sleeve