Birthday Celebrating

July-02-2015 (1)

Here’s a glimpse at the celebration today.

July-02-2015 (2)

Candle blowing and then to the gift opening.

July-02-2015 (5)

Yay! It’s just what he wanted! :-D

July-02-2015 (8)

July-02-2015 (12)

The most important piece is of course the T Rex which he figured out how to put together first thing all by himself.

July-02-2015 (13)

The rest will require some helpers. :-)

July-02-2015 (14)

We managed in spite of the party to still get a good deal of the yarn labeled today. Here’s what we got so far. That’s 560 skeins in all out of 1300 total so not a bad day’s work.

July-02-2015 (15)

I can’t believe it’s July already!

July-01-2015 (3)

Well the labels all have color name stickers on them and we are ready to start the process of attaching them to the skeins tomorrow. Believe it or not you are looking at 1300 labels there, so it will take awhile for the next part. Part of what takes so long for this step is that it is also the quality control step too. We have to inspect each skein and make sure they are tidy. Some will need to be re-skeined if they are snarled.

July-01-2015 (4)

I got some knitting done last night on the Chance of Showers cardigan. I am finished with the yoke and started the first sleeve. They shouldn’t take long sine they are short so my plan is to get them both knit and get to the body section. After that I may take a break from this since I “should” be knitting my cotton baby sweater sample and finishing up that up-sized Sorrel before the August shows start. That always comes sooner than you think it will when you say to yourself “Oh I have 5 weeks, that’s plenty of time”. Well yeah, but there are tons of other tasks to be done in that time as well. Sigh.

July-01-2015 (2)

Here’s something else that will be happening tomorrow. Elijah is turning 5 and I got his cake made this afternoon and finally located the toy he wanted. It was hard to track down since it is apparently a popular one.

He is obsessed with dinosaurs so we let him see the new Jurassic World movie which he loved. There is a series of Lego sets based n the movie and he had his heart set on the T-Rex Tracker one. It is sort of pricey but I figured what the heck. The Lego store was out of it, Toys ’R Us may have had it but their website was terrible and I gave up. Amazon was even out except for other sellers who were charging a premium and it wouldn’t have arrived in time. A Google search this morning linked me to Target and low and behold the closest location to me was actually the only store in Nashville who had it in stock for store pick up. Done!

July-01-2015 (1)

I will be sure to get some pictures of him opening it to show you. I was so tempted to give it to him today because I can’t wait to see his reaction, LOL!

It was a Blue Day

I am going to attempt to resuscitate this poor blog. I last posted in mid fall last year after Meredith’s wedding. Our household under went many changes in October and November and honestly I found very little energy left for the blog. Once it was no longer in my routine it was harder to get motivated to catch it up. Well, today I suddenly felt the urge to pick it back up and get back in touch with you all. Hope some of you are still willing to tune in. :-)

So what are the changes? Well for one, half of our children have now left the nest. Our oldest daughter and my grandson moved out in late September. Then of course Meredith in October. Right after Thanksgiving the last of the adult children, Cassie, Joanie and Josiah all took an apartment nearby and are doing well there. It was a big adjustment going from a household of 12 to one of 6 but I am getting used to it.

Believe it or not I have not minded taking back over all the housekeeping. The plus is that it all gets done to my liking. It does leave less time for other things of course so one must set priorities. School work has been taking a big chunk of our time also but I feel good about that. It has bothered me many times that I didn’t feel the younger children were getting as much of my supervision and energy as the older ones did. That is mainly because of the business I guess. I have let it take a slightly lower priority lately. I have been working a a lot over the winter and spring but it has been easier to work it into my schedule with less traveling this year. I have been doing quite a bit of custom dyeing for others this year. I dyed for Cookie A’s sock club and have also been dyeing fiber for a local alpaca mill. I have enjoyed that change of pace very much.

But this week we are dyeing up our yarn for the late summer and fall festival season. As the title indicates today was Blue Day around here. Want to see what we did all day?

Blue Day (3)

Blue Day (4)

I have been knitting sporadically and am finally on the yoke section of the upsized Sorrel I started a year ago

Blue Day (2)

Blue Day (5)

Blue Day (1).

I know. It is shameful how long this is taking. I am at the point where I need to do some math and decision making. Rather than do that which I was not in the mood for I cast on a fun little project with some stash yarn. It’s Chance of Showers in some Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool. It is fun!

Blue Day (6)

We will do more catching up as I go along. Tomorrow’s Purple Day!

Long Overdue Update

I didn’t forget about you dear blog, I have just been a little busy still. I hope I will get more chances to keep up with you now that most of the home remodel is done and show season is over until next March.

So what has happened around here? Well in case you for got where all this started, this is a sample of how my house and particularly my kitchen had looked for way too long. Avert your eyes if you have a weak stomach because it is not pretty.


kitchen before 2014 (1)

kitchen before 2014 (4)

Yuck, right?

kitchen before 2014 (3)

So here is the first steps again.

kitchen before 2014 (2)

Are you ready for the transformation?


home renovations 2014 (5)

These were the existing cabinets. Jerry totally rebuilt those drawers and they are perfect and fabulous! If you only knew how terrible the originals were. Scroll back up to the top picture and notice how there is no gap between the drawer fronts. They hung on each other and I absolutely loathed them. I am giddy with my new drawers!

home renovations 2014 (7)

I am very pleased with this color for the kitchen, TV room, and the half bath. It is called Tempered Sage which is a muted greenish yellow. So cheery and warm. It really brightens the whole place up.

home renovations 2014 (2)

Scroll back up to the second picture and checkout this transformation! Yes those upper cabinets are all newly built and awesome! The only thing remaining to be fixed here is a new countertop. This is a temporary one until Jerry is finished with the one he will build with cherry.

home renovations 2014 (3)

This spice cabinet is new also and I didn’t even know I needed one until now. :-)

home renovations 2014 (6)

And this. This is awesome. This is the cabinet next to the refrigerator. I wish I had remembered to take a picture if the hellish messy cavern this was before. Now it’s a convenient and neat storage for my cookware.

I can tell you that I have never loved my kitchen as much. I have actually enjoyed cooking and even doing the dishes in there now, LOL!

home renovations 2014 (8)

So here is my new sitting and dining area painted in a lovely green called Panacea. I love that name, don’t you? Sounds peaceful and it really is a color that is so restful on the eyes.

home renovations 2014 (9)

A view of my hang out spot. There’s my knitting bag on the floor and my computer, and various devices for reading, music listening, working, etc. The TV is now in the room off of the kitchen where the dining table used to be. It is now dubbed the “TV room”. There is a door to close it off so we are all happier. If they want to use it and I want quiet this works so much better. I wish we had thought of it years ago!

lace mayapple 11-2014

And speaking of my knitting bag a moment ago, here is my Mayapple progress. I am on the edging now.

New truck 2014 (2)

Last but not least, here is my brand new ride! Complete with my Rush Starman vanity plate. Jerry is driving my red ‘09 truck which is still like new except for having 110,000 miles on it. Believe me I took excellent care of that truck. I loved it to pieces. I actually felt a bit guilty loving my new blue one but I got over it, LOL!

New truck 2014 (1)

Isn’t she pretty? :-D

Wedding Day

This Saturday was Meredith ad Luke’s wedding day. An outdoor service and reception was planned at The Bagley’s (Luke’s parents) lovely country home in Burns, TN which is about a half an hour from our home in Nashville. We were all grateful the weather turned out so great after such an unusually wet fall thus far. They did a tremendous job putting it all together and I am personally thankful for all their hard work and planning. :-D I was so busy with festivals (9 shows in 10 weeks) and home remodeling that I was basically useless for anything else.

The pictures are what you really came for I bet so let’s get right to them shall we? I took none of these by the way. A family friend of the Bagley’s was on the job taking these great shots. :-)

lifting the veil

This was the only wedding I have been too that was open carry friendly, LOL! I thought it was a cool idea and all groom’s men plus Jerry had fun doing it.

Oofay and Luke aisle walk

I must admit that I was surprised to hear them queue up the Cantina Song from Star Wars for the closing march down the aisle. I really shouldn’t have been though. I did fit the playful and casual tone of the whole affair perfectly. :-D

oofay alone

The dress was my high school graduation dress for something old, the necklace was my wedding pearls for something borrowed, and the veil was something new. I forgot to check whether she had something blue though. Hope the bridesmaids covered that.

bride and maids

On the far left in blue is Cassie (Meredith’s next younger sister) who was maid of honor. In front is Emma (our youngest daughter) as flower girl. On the right in yellow is Luke’s sister, Becky as bridesmaid.

couple by treecouple

This picture is one of my favorites of all. Love those smiles. May you both have more of these than you can number. You will need them to get through the bumpy parts.  Oh if only we could keep in the front of our hearts the joy we feel on our wedding day, right?

wedding party

Here’s the whole wedding party. From left to right: Luke’s brother Josh, Luke’s friend and the best man (I am afraid I have forgotten his name) Luke and Meredith and I already introduced the bride’s attendants above. Oh and I almost forgot the little ring-bearer in his daddy’s arms.

with luke's family

Luke’s family: sister Becky, father Jeff, mother Janelle, and brother Josh

jerry, me, oofay, luke

Here’s me and Jerry with the newlyweds and yes I am wearing the Teresa Rose shawl. :-D

with our family

Now here’s a rare shot with almost the whole family. The only ones sadly missing are my two oldest daughters Heather and Alicia, my other son-in-law Garrod and my four grandchildren. Left to right: Ian (middle son), me and Jerry, Meredith (third daughter) and Luke, Cassie (daughter #4), Josiah (oldest son), Joanie (daughter #5), Kyla (daughter #6) and in front of the newlyweds my two youngest; Emma (daughter #7) and Elijah (third son and baby of the family :-D)

It was a fun day complete with a delicious catered barbeque and fireworks. I wish I had thought to take some candid shots of all the extended family who I thoroughly enjoyed seeing for the first time in several years. Thanks to you all for coming and making the day even more special! Mwah!

Oh, and next post will be long overdue remodeling and knitting updates. I promise it won’t be weeks either. :-)

Teresa Rose and Kitchen Update

On the drive home from south Georgia Monday Joanie finished Teresa Rose but I only just got it blocked last night. We used two skeins of Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in the color Azure.

TeresaRose (2)

The texture of the twisted knit stitches are the highlight of the piece and that is why we chose to use the firmer twist of the Superwash Sock rather than the Merino Bamboo.

TeresaRose (3)

Those points are striking too aren’t they?

TeresaRose (5)

I am not sure the pictures quite do it justice because it is very lovely in person. It is a good size for wearing around the shoulders or as a scarf.

TeresaRose (1)

In other news, we have made a bit of progress on the kitchen. The upper cabinet doors are done but not attached yet and the upper boxes are all painted too.

kitchen remodel (2)

kitchen remodel (3)

Here are the larger cabinet doors ready for hardware and hanging.

kitchen remodel (1)

Here’s the hardware we picked and I am very pleased with how they look on the doors.

kitchen remodel (4)

We should be ready to hang these pretty soon. Jerry may get that done this weekend while we are in Yellow Springs, OH for the Wool Gathering.

kitchen remodel (5)

Exciting developments


I am pleased to announce that my newest granddaughter arrived this week. She and her mama are doing well. She was born at home with the assistance of a fabulous midwife and Heather was happy to have managed to have the water birth she always wanted. :-)


Her big sisters are quite captivated by her as you can see. I wish I could go to Florida again and see them but my schedule for now won’t allow a trip. My hope is that they will decide to make the trip to Nashville for Meredith’s wedding in mid October. (hint hint)

the girls

No knitting pictures today but I do have a different work in progress to show you. If you recall in my last post I told you that we are doing some remodeling. I took a few pictures of the horrendous state of my (original circa 1958) kitchen. I am so excited to see to transformation. Okay, are you ready? Be warned these are not for the feint of heart.

kitchen before 2014 (1)

Yes I have really been living with this for 15 years. The lighting is atrocious too and we are looking into some options right now. We are trying to avoid hiring an electrician to run new wires if we can but we will see when we get further along.

kitchen before 2014 (4)

We are not sure whether we are keeping this cabinet and making new doors like with the others of starting from scratch with a new unit. For sure though we will be making new upper cabinets to install above this area.

kitchen before 2014 (3)

Jerry has begun making the new doors for the cabinets and you can see where we are going with that below. The walls will be a muted pale yellow and all the cabinets will be antique white.

kitchen before 2014 (2)

We picked out new cabinet hardware which I forgot to get a picture of but will show you next time. It is an antique brass finish. I looked them up on Lowe’s website and found their image. :-)

cabinet hardware

Before I close I will show you our booth at the Georgia Alpaca Fiberfest this weekend in Columbus, GA.

GA-Alpaca-Fiberfest 2014 (3)

Oh and I can’t resist sharing this picture Joanie took of Elijah being Superman in the shirt she gave him. He ALWAYS does this when he is being Superman. LOL!

Super Scooter