Pizza Day

More baking today. Is pizza 🍕 technically baking? I mean you cook it in the oven right, so that’s close enough for me.

Love my trusty Kitchenaid mixer!

Well anyway it’s one of my favorite things and I have been craving it for awhile. I had to take a break from cheese, as I have to do periodically. But I decided it would be okay to indulge so I went for it.

Dough is fully proofed and ready for rolling out. I just love that my oven has a bread proofing setting. I don’t always use it but it’s especially handy on cooler days.

All ready for the oven. I have a pizza stone preheating and it’s almost time for baking.

😋 Yummy! Don’t forget the beer 😉 . I’m having and Yazoo Hop Perfect IPA today. 🍻 Cheers!

This Week’s Progress

I am getting sooooo close to the finish on this project. I am about halfway through with the final side. I got a fair bit of this knitting done last weekend when Jerry and I took a short overnight trip to visit my mother-in-law. It’s the most knitting time I have had in awhile, which explains the slow progress I guess.

On our trip home after an overnight in Evansville, we took a slight detour and spent about half a day checking out the Land Between the Lakes park. Jerry has wanted to try some off road trail driving in his truck and we discovered that they have some there. We tried that out and while it was a fun adventure we weren’t too impressed with their trail markings and didn’t want to get lost in there, so we didn’t go very far in. LOL! It was a fun experiment though. I got only one picture of the Bison. There are also Elk but we didn’t go on the drive where you can see them. I think it was still closed anyway.

Since we are on the subject of nature; here’s our yucca plant in full bloom this week. :-)

On the business side; I got all the Nostepinnes and Darning Eggs added to the website last week, and since I told you I would update you on that, consider yourself updated. :-)

We are working on a few ideas for new products at the moment that we are getting very excited about. More on that when I have something to show you. :-)

Kittens and Knitting

I don’t think I mentioned it before but when I returned from Chicago the first week of April, the stray cat that hangs around our house had kittens next to our front porch. This is the mama cat and a picture when they were probably a week or two old.

They are about 4-5 weeks old now and you can see they are getting to be crowded in this space. I figure she will have to move them soon since she can’t really even climb in with them to nurse them anymore. She perches herself above.

I am almost at the end of my two week break from traveling. I am headed off to Minnesota for Shepherd’s Harvest Festival on Wednesday morning. I thought I was going to be dyeing yarn these last two weeks, but alas, my order has not arrived from the mill. I don’t know how I will fit in any restock dyeing at this point (when all my yarn arrives that is) as I have festivals for the next 5 weeks. I have 2-3 days in between each but that doesn’t help a whole lot for the way I work.

On the bright side, I have had much more time and energy for sample knitting. Debussy is coming along quite nicely and I may even have it finished pretty soon. This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon and evening.


Hello blog. Did you miss me? I know, I know, I do this a lot. I do have many new things going on that I want to share with you since my last post but they will have to wait until next time, which I promise won’t be after the new year, LOL! For today I want to write about a few thoughts that are on my mind lately. It is sort of an exercise for me to clarify it to myself.

So here goes. My husband and I started Knitting Notions eleven years ago. We started it literally from nothing and built it from the ground up on a shoestring. A little background may be helpful at this point as to what instigated this in the first place. My husband has a most admirable work ethic and takes his commitment as a provider very seriously. It is one of the things I respect most about him. I was and still am absolutely content in my role as homemaker and mother. As many of you probably know but some may not, we have ten children which have all been homeschooled. Six of them have finished high school, moved on to their own lives and begun their own families. I know my time was well spent on my family and have no regrets other than the obvious caveat that I am not perfect nor are they. So the reason for starting the business were not at first about money needs per se.

Back in 2003 we were to begin a business venture with some friends that in the end didn’t pan out and as a result of that we spent quite a sum of money on our equity loan on a work shop full of tools. Big tools. Serious tools. So, what were we to do with those? Well, my husband being very handy tried many assorted ideas that while awesome were hard to market. That kept being the main hang up. So, I am a knitter right? I get an idea one day that I would like to have a swift. We have all this woodworking stuff, so maybe Jerry can make me one, right? I show him a few styles I had seen online and he also had seen some things in woodworking books, so he came up with one. I still have that one kicking around here I think. Or maybe one of my daughters has it? Anyway, I think to myself, now this might be something we can market easily. I approach the local yarn shop but they aren’t too interested. This is the first decade of the internet, 2005 to be exact, so I think why not try our hand selling these on ebay? That was the only way I knew to find a market at the time. No etsy or ravelry or facebook, etc. Ebay was a good way for getting my feet wet and we made more and sold more. We think hey,we could be on to something. How do we expand? A few dyers were selling on Ebay at the time but the market was tough to be visible. I began studying color theory, experimenting with my chosen dyes (Sabraset) and commenced my “career” as a professional dyer of yarn. The rest is a continuation of that idea of expanding on the theme and seeing where it would go.

Now here is really the meat of my post. Where do I want this to go? What does this all mean to me? In the earlier years I was very excited by doing this new thing. It has a creative outlet, yes, but more than that for the most part it gives me a new application for all my hard won skills that have developed over the years in my home. As a busy homeschooling mother of ten my reality was be efficient and organized at all times or I couldn’t survive. I am not sure if you can fully grasp that unless you have walked in my shoes but I can’t stress this enough. It was my only life line to sanity. Structure. Efficiency. Steadfastness even when you are so tired, sore, drained, that you want to give up. My goals were much bigger than my everyday grind. So I now had(have) this new way to use these skills. Bonus was I was also getting paid actual money for it. LOL! Very new experience for me I can assure you. I won’t lie. I liked earning money, still do. But I restate this point, it wasn’t for money per se that we started. Now, we did hope to pay for those tools, certainly. We figured they should be earning their keep. But the goal was for my husband to eventually work in the business full time and quit his outside the home job.

That is quite a frightening prospect to actually step out and do, especially when you don’t want to fail those who are counting on you. More to my point I am working towards is this; It seems like running this business is a calling I was made and primed for and yet I also know that my much higher calling is serving the Lord in my role as a mother. For a few years there I was not only excited by a new thing but I also wanted to prove myself I guess. That I could do more with it, be ambitious, take it farther, be successful in the world’s eyes. I have watched many dyers who entered the industry when I did and even later surpass me; build a brand.  I sometimes feel a bit of guilt about that. Could I be doing more to promote? Have new things more? Be more aggressive, assertive? Am I failing my husband that I haven’t taken the business to a place, a level, where he feels secure to go full time and quit his job? To a certain extent I think the answer to that question is yes. But the real question is this. SHOULD I be doing that? Wouldn’t that take too much energy from my higher calling to my family? Yes, yes it would.

I lately realized something about most, if not all, of my peers in the industry. I can’t think of any who are in the next level business wise who have a family situation like mine. They are predominantly women who are either empty nesters or never had children. So what is my point then? Maybe it’s right for me to place a priority on my family while still having a commitment to do as much as I possibly can with my business. Maybe a door for expansion will open if we continue to seek and pray. Maybe I also need to come to a place where I don’t even hold on so tight to what I have built if it is in competition with my higher calling? I don’t want to quit but I realize I should be willing if it’s the right thing to do. I am thinking and praying about these things today. Thanks for reading and thank you for still being here.

More updates and pictures soon, but for today here is the most sweet and exciting update I have, my newest granddaughter Fiona Rayne Bagley. Born 11-20-16, 6# 1oz. (think) born to my third daughter Meredith and her husband Luke. Love all three of you.



Break Time

Pandora's sweater (2)

It is pretty good to be home after weeks on the road. It has taken me all week to make progress on getting caught up on things around here, but I am getting there. I spent the first part of the week doing taxes, bookkeeping and the children’s lessons. It was even good to just spend my Saturday morning giving the house a good scrubbing. I finally feel like I can slow down a bit. I still have a to-do list of business plans to get through, but this day and Sunday are a time to refresh.

As you can see I have been coming along on the baby sweater design. I opted for lace edging on the sleeves. I have started the bodice section which shouldn’t take much time at all. I may even have it all finished by my next post which I will try to keep up with more regularly this month. Smile

It finally looks like spring


While I have been busy travelling spring has finally arrived in Tennessee. The peach blossoms against the clear blue sky yesterday were begging to be photographed.


I can’t remember what this flowering shrub is called. If anyone knows leave me a comment.


These little wild violets are all over the place in our lawn.

I am off today on my last trip until early May. I will have a nice little break of four weeks starting Tuesday. I am on my way to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the DFW Fiber Fest. I will get there late tomorrow afternoon and set up the booth on Thursday.

I haven’t made much progress on the baby sweater so I didn’t take a new picture. I may get some time Wednesday and Thursday evening to knit and if that happens I may get the bodice started.

Happy spring! Hope it’s looking more colorful where you are too!

Filling the Days

JimiShawl (1)

Well I think I have discovered just why Jimi is so popular with the knitters in Dee’s Ravelry group. It is wicked fast to knit. I am only 10 rows away from completion and that’s after adding six stripes to that section to make it a bit bigger since my yarn is lighter than the original yarn used. It is great movie knitting too for obvious reasons. To be fair I have had more knitting time the last two days than I normally do because of my layover between festivals in Virginia but still it is a fast and satisfying project.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (4)

I did a tiny bit of sightseeing here in Winchester yesterday. I visited the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and spent a couple hours wandering about. It was all self guided which I much prefer. I have more pictures than these but I didn’t want to overload the post so here are a few highlights.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (2)

This miniature and the one made from a stump above were exquisitely hand made from wood. This castle is assembled from little “bricks” made from mahogany and cherry.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (6)

I just had to show you the spinning wheel. There were some needle work pieces but the pictures weren’t as good.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (9)

They have a neat collection of miniatures but despite the fancier houses I was drawn to this one. I suppose it is more the kind of place I probably would have lived in if I had lived a couple hundred years ago.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (14)

The gardens were very nice to stroll through. I put on my headphones and listened to the Brandenburg Concertos and some Mozart.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (15)

I was particularly drawn to the Water Garden area.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (16)

This little sitting area would make lovely reading spot, wouldn’t it?

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (17)

Here’s the view from inside where you can see the pond.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (18)

There are some pretty big fish in it.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (19)

Cool little walk through in the stone wall that enters into the Oriental Garden.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (20)

I loved this little bridge and what is at the bottom of it…

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (21)

It reminds me of Frodo’s door. Okay, I know it’s fancier but it’s the round part that was so cool to me.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (22)

It has been raining a lot here and I am concerned about this coming weekend. The Fall Fiber Festival is all in tents and all the vendor and customer parking is on the field. It is really nasty when wet. It is not raining today at least so I am going out to do a little grocery shopping. Hoping the hurricane in the Atlantic veers out to sea and some drying out can happen before Friday.

From Virginia


Well here I am once again in the lovely and historic Shenandoah Valley. The SVFF is such a fabulous festival; just the right size IMO, without the stress and bustle of some other festivals and full of fabulous knitters. Smile

Knitters love to show off their creations and many of my customers bring in things they have made with my yarn. Rarely do I think to take pictures of them, except for yesterday. I present you with Sarah Paukstis’s (pinkbunny on Ravelry) Tempest Cardigan in my Classic Merino Superwash Sock Yarn in Azure and Green Apple. I just adore those buttons too and before you ask, she said she found them at Joann’s. That is where I get mine too. Amazingly I can usually find the perfect buttons there.

SVFF-2015 (4)

So anyway, here’s your obligatory booth shot from Friday. I finished setting up by about 2:00 pm and headed over to the Apple Blossom Mall to hang out and look for some cd’s and dvd’s.  I wanted to get the new Chris Cornell solo project  Higher Truth and I found that at F.Y.E.It is very good if you like vocals and acoustic music. He could be singing the phonebook and it would sound heavenly.

The internet at the hotel is horrid. I have been using my AT&T bandwidth from my phone for surfing but video streaming eats up too much of it. I am at the last episode in season 6 of the X-Files. I may buy 7 on dvd if the internet doesn’t improve on Monday. I have a feeling it’s so slow because the hotel is full but most will probably clear out today and it may speed up. In the mean time I did buy Les Miserables (2012) because I finished the book on the drive down and want to re-watch it. I also picked up The Imitation Game which I watched last night. It was interesting and I love anything with Benedict Cumberpatch. Smile


Before I sign off, here’s my new glasses. I like them and was so happy they came in Wednesday morning so that I could pick them up before I left in the afternoon. I took this with my new laptop webcam. Not too shabby. Winking smile

Sennheiser in the Mail


Okay here’s a glimpse at the lace border on the Chance of Showers Cardigan. I am on the last repeat here and after that all that remains to knit is the front and neck edge which is all in one IIRC.


Just for fun, I lately acquired some new headphones which I have been eyeing for awhile. They are the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 in Ivory.  They recently went on sale so I pulled the trigger on them and they arrived today. I will mainly use these with my phone and tablet. They need some burn in time to open up the soundstage, but so far I am pleased with them.


I got this upgrade cable for when I use them with my laptop. It came with a thinner cable that has a Android controls on it which is great when you are using it with a phone but not so great with a computer.


Which brings me to the other reason I wanted them which is for watchinhg Blurays on my laptop. I needed some good headphones that will work straight from my laptop headphone jack because my amplifier that I use with my favorite headphones has a USB interface which for some reason will not allow me to play Bluray discs when it is plugged in. The Momentums sound great amped but sound fine without as well.


These are my most treasured set of cans, Sennheiser HD650, and they sound like butter when properly amped but are not for use straight off of the laptop sound card. I use them for most of my music and movie watching. Worth every penny I spent on them. Smile

I hope I didn’t bore you with my audiophile geek fest. Smile

It’s here!


My new computer arrived yesterday and it is sure taking awhile to get settled in. All my data ported over from my cloud drives and I am almost done installing my programs and getting everything how I want it.

I love it! I haven’t had time to try out the Bluray player yet but everything else is working great. I am really liking Windows 10 too. I did opt out of lots of snoopy MS settings and I disabled Cortana. I don’t use OK Google on my Android devices either. It kind of creeps me out to talk to my electronics. Oddly I have no problem whatsoever with holding conversations with myself, but that is where it ends. Open-mouthed smile


Before the computer arrived I managed to get out in the studio and get the color mixes worked out for the custom dye work I need to get done this week. I had to tweak two of them and now I just have to get off this computer and mix the dyes. I will probably get the fiber done by Saturday if not before.