Robin Egg Blue #2


I haven’t had a chance to block it yet, but Fallston is done! I have been washing and re-blocking all my shop samples and boy do I have a lot of them. Today I got the last of them blocking so the plan is to block Fallston tomorrow.


This is what it looks like right now. It looks like a gigantic short sleeve doesn’t it? LOL! I do like seeing the transformation when lace is blocked out the first time even if I do dislike the process itself.


This is my next project which you will be seeing for awhile. I have been planning to make a second Sprossling (that link takes you to my first one on Ravelry). I have wanted to try it in a fingering weight, which is what it is written for, and now is the time. Remember when I showed you those four skeins of Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in Robin Egg?


I actually did a couple swatches on Sunday to see which needles to use and settled on the US 4’s. The fabric is open and lacey but still has some spring. The US 5’s were close to the same for stitch gauge but the row gauge was a bit large and also I felt like the fabric was a bit too loose. What you see here is not the swatches however, I dutifully washed, and measured them and then cast on for a sleeve. I prefer to start with a sleeve and make sure I am happy with the gauge before making the larger pieces.

Blocked Fallston pictures will be coming up in a couple days!

Upcoming Events

I have moved on to the fun part, which is the border, of my current knitting project, Fallston

As you can see I have completed half of the edging and it is looking quite nice to me. I am pleased that it should be ready in time for my first round of festivals that are soon approaching. 

I will have three shows in as many weeks beginning with the Madison Knit In March 17-19. From there I am off to Pittsburgh for the Knit and Crochet Festival. Next, I am excited to be attending Yarn Con for the first time. It will be a busy few weeks!

Dye day surprise 

I have a small window of time to write a quick update for you while I am waiting for my dyepots to cook some alpaca fiber today. It is an order for New Era Fiber. Here’s a fun detail about this order; see the blue pot there on your left? 

You will never guess who owns that fleece. Go on try. Ok do you give up? John Carter Cash. Yes, Johnny Cash’s son! How cool is it to live in Nashville?  ;-) 

Since I still have 20 more minutes before I have to get the stuff out of the pot I will share a knitting update too. Here’s a picture of the Fallston shawl progress. It will get more exciting when I start the border but I do love theses colors together. 

Okay I need to get back to work. See you soon. 


Back to lace knitting

I can’t remember if I showed you my finished gloves so here they are just in case.


I did some dyeing this past week to do a little restocking of my inventory and while I was at it I dyed up a 30 skein lot of Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in a new color I call Robin Egg. I may be adding this color to all my bases later this year if it does well but for now I have it only in the Sock.




I have also cast on for a new shawl design by the lovely Dee O’Keefe called Fallston. Dee designed this beauty in my Superwash Sock yarn (linked above) this past fall and I was trying to decide what colors I wanted to use for mine. When I dyed the Robin Egg I finally knew. This.


This is my Garnet paired with the Robin Egg. I love it! So here is the start of the shawl which has grown some since I took this picture yesterday but it will do for now.


More to come soon!

Glove Knitting Improvisation

The gloves are coming along as you can see.


I originally planned to leave the index finger open at the end on only one glove and stop at the last knuckle. When I got to that point on this first glove I changed my plan to knit the full length of the finger adding about a half an inch of ribbing to it. I am going to knit the second one to match, that way I can not only use both index fingers but they are interchangeable for either hand.


The main reason I usually knit finger less gloves and mitts is because it’s a pain to have to remove regular gloves to use my phone. This is my attempt at a compromise for those times when full gloves are called for by the weather. Here in Tennessee we have mild winters much of the time but do have days when it gets well below freezing and finger less gloves can be inadequate protection when you have to be out for long periods. Also I do several early spring shows up north and hope these will come in handy.


New Sweater Post


I finished my sweater on Sunday. I blocked it on Monday and got the buttons on Tuesday.


This is not a great picture but I figured what the heck, at least you can see it fits. I do like the fit for a change. I often get frustrated in making a size that fits without clinging and yet doesn’t add bulkiness and make me look frumpy. This is about as good as it gets. :-)


I like the little added detail of the buttons at the bottom cuff on each size.


Partly Sunny

After a week of nothing but gray weather, I was very happy to see the sun peeking over the horizon this morning. It’s at best only partly sunny but headed for a high temperature of 64, so it’s an improvement that I will appreciate.

I have a small order from the fiber mill that I think I will take advantage of the break in the weather to dye up this morning. Here’s my samples I worked up first since I was not sure what I was going to use to achieve maroon and mossy green on this very dark fleece. The bottom is the original color. This was the darkest colors I could get. I have them in the pot now.


If you recall in my last post I needed to knit the right front of the sweater, which I did. I started the collar/button bands yesterday. I have knit almost half of it not so a finished sweater is very near. I just have to set in the sleeves and sew up the side seams. I guess I had better make a trip to Joann’s today for buttons. :-)


Oh and here’s the current status of my gloves. I ripped out and cast on with fewer stitches and also went down from the 2.5mm needles to 2.25mm ones. I am currently second guessing the needle change. Sigh.