Glove Knitting Improvisation

The gloves are coming along as you can see.


I originally planned to leave the index finger open at the end on only one glove and stop at the last knuckle. When I got to that point on this first glove I changed my plan to knit the full length of the finger adding about a half an inch of ribbing to it. I am going to knit the second one to match, that way I can not only use both index fingers but they are interchangeable for either hand.


The main reason I usually knit finger less gloves and mitts is because it’s a pain to have to remove regular gloves to use my phone. This is my attempt at a compromise for those times when full gloves are called for by the weather. Here in Tennessee we have mild winters much of the time but do have days when it gets well below freezing and finger less gloves can be inadequate protection when you have to be out for long periods. Also I do several early spring shows up north and hope these will come in handy.


New Sweater Post


I finished my sweater on Sunday. I blocked it on Monday and got the buttons on Tuesday.


This is not a great picture but I figured what the heck, at least you can see it fits. I do like the fit for a change. I often get frustrated in making a size that fits without clinging and yet doesn’t add bulkiness and make me look frumpy. This is about as good as it gets. :-)


I like the little added detail of the buttons at the bottom cuff on each size.


Partly Sunny

After a week of nothing but gray weather, I was very happy to see the sun peeking over the horizon this morning. It’s at best only partly sunny but headed for a high temperature of 64, so it’s an improvement that I will appreciate.

I have a small order from the fiber mill that I think I will take advantage of the break in the weather to dye up this morning. Here’s my samples I worked up first since I was not sure what I was going to use to achieve maroon and mossy green on this very dark fleece. The bottom is the original color. This was the darkest colors I could get. I have them in the pot now.


If you recall in my last post I needed to knit the right front of the sweater, which I did. I started the collar/button bands yesterday. I have knit almost half of it not so a finished sweater is very near. I just have to set in the sleeves and sew up the side seams. I guess I had better make a trip to Joann’s today for buttons. :-)


Oh and here’s the current status of my gloves. I ripped out and cast on with fewer stitches and also went down from the 2.5mm needles to 2.25mm ones. I am currently second guessing the needle change. Sigh.


Now for something a little different

I finished the left front of my cardigan. Now, the obvious thing to do would be to cast on for the right front, which is the last piece to knit. In hind sight, that would have been the wisest choice but I was a trifle bored with the stitch pattern and wanted a change.


I place the blame for what befell me after this, here. Remember these?


Well I may have ordered more.


Which, coupled with the boredom of my project monogamy and the lure of shiny new needles, got me to “Jonesing” for a new pair of gloves. Smile  I went stash diving and cast on for these.


Pretty aren’t they? Yeah, well, they are no more. Yep, had to rip them out. Sigh. I overestimated the size and need to start over with fewer stitches. I suspected this while I was still knitting the cuff but of course ignored the warning. I kept on going thinking “oh it will be fine, right?” Wrong!

So lesson learned? Don’t cheat on your sweater. I am casting on for the last sweater piece before I re-knit the glove. Maybe. Winking smile

Break Time is Over


This is the only picture I took over the holiday gatherings. This is my grand daughter Pandora. She is eight months old now. I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures. We had all of our Nashville family over for Christmas Day and some of them came over on New Years Day also to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Break time is officially over now. We have resumed school and I have dyeing work to complete this week. I did some of it yesterday but the weather turned off wicked cold today and it’s getting colder for the rest of the weekend so I am waiting until Monday to finish the remainder of the order.


I have gotten quite a good piece of the knitting done on my sweater. I have finished both sleeves and the back. I cast on the left front last night while watching season 2 of Sherlock. I wanted to re-watch everything before watching the first installment of Season 4. I am starting season 3 tonight. It’s about the only “TV” I watch.


I prefer reading or listening to music to watching TV or movies, although I do like to watch a well made movie based on a classic book too. It’s good for knitting by. Smile  I have been on a classics kick lately. I have been working through a Great Courses audiobook on American Literature which has been very interesting and prompting me to re-read some classics and try a few I had passed over up until now like the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. I am to the lectures on Nathaniel Hawthorne at the moment. He has spent a lot of time on The Scarlet Letter which I have read a couple times. I may read it again or I am thinking about reading The House of Seven Gables since I only read it once quite a while ago.

My oldest son also bought me a boxed set (books) of The Game of Thrones. He has tried to get me to read this series for awhile but I have been hesitant due to me knowing what the HBO series is like. I will probably give it a shot since he swears it’s not as graphic in the books and besides it’s easy to skim over that stuff if you choose when you are reading. Anyone read these? Yea or nay? What did you think of them if you read them?

Christmas break


We have been enjoying a bit of a break here this month. December is a break from school month. Also after an extremely busy work schedule for me between travels to shows, production tasks and custom dyeing for the fiber mill that have kept me on my toes since August, I am enjoying some time to relax and knit. We are also in baking mode this week getting things ready for the family gathering ay my house for Christmas. Smile


My sweater is progressing well. I have almost completed both sleeves and will soon be on to the body.


Kyla is making herself a pair of gloves with a skein of Cascade 220 I had in the stash. This endeavor necessitated the purchase of some 4” needles I have been meaning to try out anyway. I highly recommend these for those fiddly little fingers.

Hope all your Christmas’s are Merry! See you again soon!

All my projects are orange

Okay, so now for the knitting update. According to my Ravelry project page, I finished Talise on November 28th. I finally got around to blocking it yesterday. I dislike blocking these elongated crescent shawls so I suspect I was procrastinating because of that.

Talise-shawl-2016 (7)

I am pleased with how it turned out and will probably wear it this winter as a scarf. This is one of my new colors, Paprika, in my Merino Superwash Sock base. Orange is a very underrated color in my opinion. I mean I know there are some oranges that are not for wearing but I think this one works for most people. It’s on the red end of the spectrum and a bit muted.

Talise-shawl-2016 (4)

The pattern is very simple for anyone with a little lace knitting experience. The stitch patterns are very memorable and not complicated. It is a top down design which begins with a garter tab. As always Dee’s patterns are thorough and the layout is easy to follow.

I have two more of her patterns in the queue. One of them will be in my Superwash Sock base again, but it is for two colors, and I haven’t decided which colors to use; and the other one, is for DK weight. I was feeling in a sweater mood though so I pulled out some yarn that has been marinating in the stash since 2010, to make Anne Hanson’s The Mister’s sweater. I knit a swatch but since my swatches always lie I started with a sleeve to make sure my gauge would do what I predicted which is tighten up a wee bit. It did.

I am planning to make the cardigan version since I don’t usually like to wear pullovers.


Last, but not least, is a long ago started project which has been hibernating for many years. I began Hallett’s Ledge (again I had to refer to my Ravelry project page) October 27, 2010. For several reasons, I stalled out on this after completing the body section. Kyla took it up again and knit the sleeves and edgings. I sewed in the sleeves for her and she added the buttons. So now she has a new sweater. It looks way cuter on her than it would have on me. I think that’s what stalled it for me. I realized it was going to add “thickness” to me that is not a desirable thing, so it lay fallow waiting for someone which it would flatter. Kyla was only 10 when I knit the body, but it is perfect on her now.

I like when loose ends are tied up like that. Smile


Sorry for all the slightly dark indoor pictures but it has been dreary and gray for days in these parts. Better dark pictures than none I figure. Smile