Where the H*LL is Spring?

My last day in Nashville on Tuesday, we had the windows open and it was about 80 degrees. The grass already needs mowing and the trees are budding out. Today I am in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival and this is what it looks like here.


Seriously? What is this Narnia before Aslan returned? Always winter but never Christmas? Yuck. Let me tell you, 28 degrees with gusting wind feels pretty darn cold after 80 degrees. I am praying for some change for the better in the very near future, and lots of patience in the mean time. The bright side is that the venue is very nice and bright, and I don’t have to load and unload the trailer in the elements. The loading dock is inside. I will be going over in a couple hours to do the booth set up.

I have written the pattern for the Honeydew Lace Square, which I think is what I will be calling it BTW, and hope to have it ready within a week. I have finished the first draft and consulted my friend Dee O’Keefe, designer extraordinaire, who was generous enough to help me with some edits. If I get any time this weekend I will be making her suggested revisions. As soon as it is ready I will announce it here, on Facebook and my newsletter.

Honeydew Lace Square (3).jpg

I took these in the hotel room this morning to try out how it looks against a darker background. I really need to get some pictures that weren’t taken in a hotel room for the pattern at some point. ;-) These really aren’t half bad though.

Honeydew Lace Square (1).jpg

Okay I better get to work. See ya later!


Home again

I arrived back home from Connecticut safely, after another two day long drive. I saw much snow on the ground all along the way, even as far south as Wytheville, Virginia. When I was maybe 50-75 miles from Bristol, the state line into Tennessee, it began to look like spring at last. Now home in Nashville, for the last three days, I am enjoying seeing grass and trees budding. We have still got so much rain that every thing is pretty soggy, but at least it’s not cold. I did have to turn on the heat last night because the overnight temperature dipped into the 40’s, but we have had some windows open, up until then. I am afraid I will once again see wintery weather when I am in Pittsburgh next weekend for the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival. I am hopeful that it may be warm, as it was last year, but I will be packing sweaters, scarves, and gloves just in case. :-)

I am spending my week at home enjoying my family, and catching up on dozens of business related tasks. At the top of my list, with hopes to have it ready for next weekend, is the pattern for the new lace square shawl. I have begun work on it and have got the pattern basically written as far as the overview and procedural steps. I just need to finish up the charts and insert them and it will be ready to publish. I still have as a working title for it, Honeydew Lace Square, which I know is kind of boring, but I am putting all my energy into writing and will hopefully come up with something better later. I did get a few good suggestions which I will take into consideration at that point.

I was very pleasantly surprised that there were so many people who liked and wanted to make it. Quite a few actually went as far as to buy the 7 skeins of Classic Merino Lace required to make it, even with the pattern not written yet. But no pressure right? LOL! Many knitters have also emailed asking for it, so yeah, I feel obligated to make it a priority now. :-) Thank you to all who have encouraged me to finish it.

StitcheUnited-2018 (3).jpg


In addition to all the family and business stuff, I have managed to make some progress on my two knitting projects I have going. Here’s the progress on Carolan. It is looking pretty good, I think.

Carolan-wip (3)

And here is Tiriltunge, which I work on when I don’t want to be bothered with referring to a chart.

onesie-wip (2).jpg


Update From Hartford

I am happy to report that I made it safely to Hartford by midday on Tuesday. I had left at 4:15 am on Monday morning from Madison, WI, with reassurance that the predicted snow was no longer in the forecast for my destination for that night. Upon arrival I was surprised and concerned that snow was back on for the following day beginning late morning/noon, where I was (Clarion, PA). So, in order to get well ahead of it should it decide to arrive early, I again lit out of there at 4:15 am on Tuesday and was quite grateful to go the whole way with no snow flying, although I could see evidence of prior snowfall in the hilly parts of PA and NY.

So here I was in Hartford with 5-8″ of snow predicted on Wednesday, which was when I planned to set up my Stitches United booth. The snow was predicted to begin around 8 am so I figured there would be no setting up on Wednesday but I did still have 8 am – 4 pm on Thursday to get that done if I had to so that was the plan. The hotel staff assured me that if the snow arrived as predicted on Wednesday that roads would be cleared by Thursday morning. After checking in at the hotel, which is about 8-9 miles from the venue, I ran up to the Walmart to get some stuff for lunches, etc. and in case food delivery was a problem. Hey, I am from the south, 5-8″ of snow is a major deal to me, LOL! Who knew what could happen. My motto is think ahead and be prepared. If I was gonna be snowed in I was not planning to be hungry.

So, Wednesday morning no snow. Okay, weather is showing tons of snow all over the place and it’s still imminent here, what to do? The set up times for Wednesday were 3 pm – 7 pm, so I decided if nothing was happening by 2:30 pm, I would head in with the trailer and at the very least unload and get my trailer parked. That would save me time if I had to do most of the set up on Thursday after the roads cleared, since it was still definitely supposed to snow, right? I called my husband to see what he thought of that plan and he agreed it was the way to go.

I got that done since it was still all clear at 2:30. After the trailer was parked it still looked good so I headed back to the exhibit hall to get as much done as I could before the snow started. I got the booth about 80% done by 6:30 and it had begun snowing, but streets were still fine, so I headed back to the hotel. I was feeling much better at this point since I didn’t need to be heading back in to the venue until around 1-2 pm, which would give me plenty of time to finish setting up, and the roads should be fine by then since the high is supposed to be in the mid 40’s. Plus I was told they clear the streets quickly around here. :-)

Well here is what we got overnight.


LOL! That’s my blue truck in the top left. I left up my wipers but the windshield is already clear. Guess I won’t need the ice scraper I made a point to buy on the drive up, since I didn’t have one, but that is NOT a problem. LOL! So the big bad Nor’easter pretty much passed Hartford by after all. I did snow a lot during the night with gusty winds but you can hardly tell from what’s out there. I took this about 9 am.

Remember the broken needle situation? Well I had a new one delivered and it arrived here on the day I arrived, so I got back to work on my project on Tuesday night and yesterday while hanging out waiting for the snow to start.


While I was still in Wisconsin though and couldn’t work on this, I ended up starting a new sample in my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in one of my new colors (Chamomile).  It is another of my friend Dee O’Keefe’s beautiful designs called Carolan.


Well that is it for now. I am going to knit for a bit and then head out for the booth. See you soon!


Update From Wisconsin

Well, I arrived safely in Wisconsin for the Knit-In on Thursday and spent most of Friday getting the booth ready. The yarn boxes look great if I do say so myself.


Oh, and so does the new still unnamed lace shawl. Yes, I did mange to get it blocked on Wednesday, but just barely. I am so pleased with how it blocked out! I wasn’t sure if the edging would smooth out, and was okay with it if it didn’t, but I had hoped it would. I really love it.

honeydew-shawl (2)

It’s pretty big. That is a king size bed I am blocking it on and you can see it takes up a good bit of it. I thing it was about 56″ square, IIRC.

honeydew-shawl (8)

I took this one yesterday morning in the hotel room.

honeydew-shawl-booth (1)

This is the only way I could figure out to display it in the booth this morning. I think it’s looks pretty good, but maybe I can work out a better way later. I don’t have the pattern ready yet, but I am so pleased with it I thought why not put it out and see if it generates any interest, right?

I did get a bit of knitting done over the last few nights on my little diversion project.

onesie (2)

I do have a small problem though. Last night when I was knitting along, my needle came off the cable half way across the row. Don’t you just hate when that happens?! I managed to get it back on another needle I had with me and then stuck the needle back on the cable. I don’t really trust it to knit with now though. Now, I am at a market where I could buy a new one you would think, but I am knitting on a 3.0mm needle, which is not a popular size and is harder to find. I will look if I get a chance today. If I don’t find one I guess I will have to order from Amazon and have it shipped to my hotel in Connecticut, where I am headed from here on Monday. I probably have at least one more 3.0 mm needle at home but I won’t be back there until the 27th. Alternate idea is find something else to cast on that I do have needles for. I’ll let you know what I decide next post. Better get to work since the market is open now. :-)

Final Preparations

Mimi-lightbox (1)

I don’t know who coined the phrase about curiosity killing the cat, but Mimi has got to be the most curious cat I have ever seen. If any thing is going on, at all, she is right in the middle of it, as the above shows so elegantly.  Nothing gets past her, LOL!

yarnbox2018 (1)

She graciously helped me on my photo shoot for the website a couple days ago. I now have the new stock of Mahogany and Walnut Yarn Boxes available on the website. I will have some of these and some Maple ones as well, in my booths at MKG Knit-In this coming weekend and at Stitches United the following weekend. I am madly doing last minute tasks and packing today, since I am headed out to Wisconsin in the morning.

I had hoped to get my shawl blocked in time but I am not sure that’s gonna happen today. If it does I will be sure and take a shot of it and post it in my next post. I do however have new interim project on the needles before I cast on for another sample. It is Tiriltunge and is going pretty fast so far.


It will be for one of the new granddaughters, I suppose. Mostly it looked like a fun change of pace and a cute, quick knit. I may end up making two. My oldest daughter had her second baby this past week and my third daughter is due with her second in early May, both girl babies.  Here’s a picture of the latest new little one, Veda. :-)


This is her very proud big brother, Gabriel. He is so far the lone grandson. :-)


Okay, I will see you from the frozen north soon.


Almost There

YarnBox-production2018 (1)

We put in a couple more long days in the wood shop and have a batch of 70 Mahogany and Walnut Yarn Boxes completed. I will be adding them to the website within a few days, as soon as they have the finish dry so I can photograph them. We have 114 more ready to be assembled and completed as soon as we can get to them, but hopefully these will carry us until that time. They will most likely be postponed a bit while we make a batch of Yarn Swifts first.

This is how they looked yesterday before we put on the finish.

YarnBox-production2018 (2)

YarnBox-production2018 (4)

They are currently waiting for the finish to cure, then I will label them and pack some in the trailer for our opening round of fiber festivals next week and the following week; Madison Knitting Guild Knit-In and Stitches United.

I am very excited to announce that my Honeydew Shawl (working title but not sure if it will stick) is off the needles! It’s not blocked yet and I have some ends to weave in, but here’s the preview shot.

honeydewshawl (1)

I am not sure if I can manage getting the pattern written up before I leave for Knit-In on Thursday. I need to have someone proof my charts and stuff. I will let you know when it’s up on Ravelry and the website. What do you think of the name? I admittedly haven’t put too much effort into the name thus far. I was seriously wondering if it would ever be finished, LOL! The name comes from the color of the yarn I used. I could go for something that reflects the stitch patterns I guess. Is there a recognizable theme there? Not sure.

So, I have absolutely nothing on the needles right now. There are a few samples I could start. More on that when I decide. I’ll probably just take the night off, LOL!

Before I close, Jerry and I celebrated with a well earned night out last night. We randomly picked the Bavarian Bierhaus and had a fantastic time. Great food, excellent beer, and a live band! I highly recommend it.

BavarianBierhaus (1)

BavarianBierhaus (3)

BavarianBierhaus (2)

Making Progress


I am ridiculously excited that this is all I have left on my Honeydew square shawl! I should have it done in another evening or two.

The Yarn Boxes are coming along too. We have started the assembly/glue up this weekend.

YarnBoxesproduction2018 (2)YarnBoxesproduction2018 (7)YarnBoxesproduction2018 (3)YarnBoxesproduction2018 (6)

This is only about a third of them so far. The plan is to complete these so I have some to take with my to the Madison Knit-In and Stitches United. Then we will finish the remaining ones when I get back.

YarnBoxesproduction2018 (1)YarnBoxesproduction2018 (8)

We have started the exterior sanding today and will get the lids sized and sanded. Then they just need the sealer and labeling. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it takes longer than it sounds. :-)