Sister Shawls

I am very happy to announce that we have two more gorgeous shawls off the needles and joining our booth display this coming weekend at the Friends and Fiberworks Summer Retreat in Asheville, NC. May I present to you the lovely sister shawls Elizabeth and Liz!

Liz and Elizabeth shawls

I showed you the beginnings of these two back in early May. They are both the design creations of Dee O’Keefe and are both knit from three skeins of our Classic Merino Lace yarn.

Liz and Elizabeth shawls

The blue one is Elizabeth and the color we chose to use is Winter Sky.

Elizabeth Shawl

Liz is the stole version and we made it with the Tea Rose.

Liz Stole

I can’t wait to see them on display along with Edwina. I think they compliment each other so wonderfully and I hope they inspire you to make your own versions.

Elizabeth Shawl

Both these sister designs are fairly easy for knitters with some lace experience. The stitch patterns are varied and none are very hard to execute. The stole version uses a provisional cast on at the center and is knit to the edges.

Liz Stole

Here’s how they looked fresh off the needles before the wet blocking that I did on them yesterday.

Liz and Elizabeth shawls

Here they are while still on the wires.

Elizabeth Shawl blocking

It was a stretch to pin them both out at the same time. We just barely had enough t-pins.

Liz Stole blocking

Maybe for my next post I can talk the sister knitters into modeling the sister shawls, LOL! No such luck this morning however.

Oh, I have one more bit of knitting to show you. In my last post I told you I was going to start a project that many have requested; a sized up pattern for Sorrel. I have crunched the numbers and cast on for one of the sizes which I hope will be my size.

Adult size Sorrel in progress

I am not very far along yet as you can see and that is mostly lack of energy on my part. You may remember that I told you that we had sickness in the house starting on Memorial Day weekend with my husband and then my oldest son. Well, we all proceeded to get picked off like flies every day or two. It took three weeks to make the full rounds and my youngest son and I were the last two to get it while I was in Indianapolis for Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival last weekend. This thing would hang on with fever, chills, headaches, upper respiratory and a cough for well over a week. We are FINALLY all better. Still working on getting energy back.

Anyway we will be leaving on Thursday for Asheville. Maybe we will see some of you there!

Quiet Saturday afternoon

This is quite a rarity for me, but I have the house practically to myself for a few hours today. Well, the baby is here, but even he is napping beside me at the moment. Smile Wow, what to do? I mean the house is quiet. I should read or knit in peace right? I did do a little reading before I stopped to write this post, and I’ll probably go back to it after I am finished. I may have to get a bit of lunch too. Oh the luxury. I can just eat whatever I feel like grabbing out of the pantry. I am giddy. Laughing out loud 

Oh, I did do some knitting yesterday and this morning. I actually finished the first clue for the Mystic Midsummer Wreath shawl! Surprised smile  I know! I am shocked too. I was driven to get it done this week and somehow pulled it off. I guess that’s what happens when you actually have an afternoon that you can knit, which yesterday the stars were all in alignment or something, since I was able to get some knitting time in. Anyway here’s how it looks so far.

06 17 11_1370.JPG

Pretty cool, no?

Oh, so wait, I didn’t even explain WHY I have the afternoon with an empty house did I? Silly me. They all went to see The Green Lantern. I couldn’t care less about seeing it and besides who wants to take an 11 month old in a movie? Not me. I am not sure how we’ll work that out next month when Harry Potter comes out. We’ll probably just have to go in shifts so the baby has a sitter. He’s old enough to be left a couple hours I think as long as I feed him before I go.

Okay, I am gonna go read since I only have an hour or two left before they get back. TTYL!